How to Choose a Gaming Phone - Tips and Considerations

Mobile gaming has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and as a result, gaming phones have become more prevalent in the market. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine which phone is best suited for your gaming needs. 

How to Choose a Gaming Phone - Tips and Considerations
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In this guide, we will provide an in-depth look at the most important factors to consider when choosing a gaming phone.

Features to consider when selecting a gaming phone


The processor is the engine that powers your phone and plays a critical role in how well it performs for gaming. When choosing a gaming phone, you should look for a phone with a processor that is optimized for gaming. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are among the most popular and are well known for their gaming capabilities. MediaTek Helio processors are also an excellent option, particularly for budget-friendly gaming phones.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is essential for gaming because it determines how smoothly and seamlessly the game runs. The more RAM your phone has, the more applications it can run simultaneously, and the less likely it is to crash or freeze. A phone with at least 6GB of RAM is ideal for gaming, but if you're looking for a more immersive experience, go for a phone with 8GB or 12GB of RAM.


The display is one of the most critical components of a gaming phone. It is the interface through which you'll experience the game's graphics and visuals. A larger display can make your gaming experience more immersive, and higher resolutions and refresh rates can make games look smoother and more vivid. For the best gaming experience, choose a phone with a minimum of Full HD (1080p) resolution and an aspect ratio of 18:9 or higher. A display with a high refresh rate of 120Hz or higher can make the game appear smoother and more fluid.


A gaming phone's battery life is essential because mobile gaming can quickly drain a battery. Choose a phone with a large battery capacity of at least 4000mAh or more. A battery with fast charging capabilities will also be beneficial, allowing you to quickly charge your phone when you need to.


Intensive gaming generates a lot of heat, which can cause the phone to slow down or even shut down. Cooling is crucial to ensure your phone stays at an optimal temperature during extended gaming sessions. Advanced cooling technologies like liquid cooling, heat pipes, or vapor chambers can be effective in keeping your phone cool.


Games take up a lot of space, so you'll need a phone with ample storage. Choose a phone with at least 128GB of internal storage, and if possible, look for expandable storage options like a microSD card slot. This will allow you to store more games and apps without running out of space.


Gaming phones can be expensive, and prices can vary widely depending on the brand, specifications, and features. You should set a budget for your gaming phone and look for the best value for money within your price range.

Additional features

Some gaming phones come with additional features like dedicated gaming modes or trigger buttons that can enhance your gaming experience. These features can be worth considering, particularly if you're a serious gamer.

Reviews and ratings

Finally, before purchasing a gaming phone, it is advisable to read reviews and ratings of the phone you're interested in. Reviews from experts and other users can provide valuable insights into the phone's performance, features, and overall quality.


In conclusion, choosing a gaming phone can be a daunting task, but by considering these factors, you can make an informed decision. A phone with a powerful processor, ample RAM, high-resolution display, long battery life, advanced cooling technologies, ample storage, and an affordable price point can provide an exceptional gaming experience. It is also essential.

iPhone 14's Dynamic Island feature in Android phones

Although Apple iPhone has not brought anything special this year, but Dynamic Island is one such feature that has caught everyone's attention. 
Dynamic Island is a multitasking mini screen from which you can control music play, alarm, call and message notifications.

App to use Apple iPhone 14 Dynamic Island feature in Android

If you also want to use Dynamic Island but do not want to buy the new iPhone 14, or you want to use this feature in Android, then this news is great for you. A new app has arrived on the Google Play Store called "dynamicSpot" which works very much like the Dynamic Island feature.

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Like Dynamic Island, users can tap on dynamicSpot to open notifications, read messages, or long press to open a large window for music. Users can download it for free from the google play store.

Step by step guide to install dynamicSpot in android to do dynamic island feature with pictures

Go to Google Play Store and search dynamicSpot
1. Go to Google Play Store and search dynamicSpot, Now click on dynamicSpot

Click on Install button
2. Click on Install button


Click on Open
3. Click on Open

Now dynamicSpot app is installed and getting started, click on Next
4. Now dynamicSpot app is installed and getting started, click on Next

First of all, select the apps of your choice by clicking on "Select apps".
5. First of all, select the apps of your choice by clicking on "Select apps".

6. After this, by clicking on "Notification access", give permission to dynamicSpot for notifications.

7. Then click on "Draw on screen" and select dynamicSpot

8. Click on Done

Now your app has been installed and now you can enjoy the features of Dynamic Island of Apple iPhone 14.

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How do you send a message on Instagram Lite?

Hello friends, I hope you all are well. In today's time, you and everyone use Instagram and it has slowly become as popular as Facebook and YouTube, but there are still some questions in the minds of people regarding its use.

How do you send a message on Instagram Lite | How do you chat on Instagram Lite
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That's why today when I was looking at Google Question Hub for writing content, I found a question in it that How do you send a message on Instagram Lite or How do you chat on Instagram Lite. So friends, today I will answer all your questions in this blog post of mine.

How do you chat on Instagram Lite

How do you send a message on Instagram Lite?
1. First of all open your Instagram Lite app

How do you chat on Instagram Lite?
2. Now on the top corner in the right side of your phone, you will see the symbol of "Direct", click on it

How do you send a message on Instagram Lite?
3. In the "Search" box, search for the person or account you want to chat with and click on that profile.

How do you chat on Instagram Lite?
4. Now a new window will open in front of you in which you can chat.


How do you send a message on Instagram Lite?

5. Type your message in "Message Box" and click on "Send" button

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Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Gets 'This' iPhone Model for Less Than 12k, See Deals

Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale starts from 23rd September. If you are a Flipkart Plus user, you may enjoying the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale a day earlier i.e. from 22nd September. This sale offers great deals on buying iPhones at affordable prices. If you are also an iPhone lover, you can become an iPhone user at a very low price of 11,499 in the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale. But, first let's know how to get an iPhone at such a low price.

iPhone SE at Rs 11,499 Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale

Apple is offering to buy the second generation iPhone SE and the third generation iPhone SE at a discount. The e-retailer has listed the second generation iPhone SE for sale at Rs 30,499, which is Rs 9,401 less than its original price. 19,000 exchange offer is being given on this phone. 

flipkart big billion days 2022 date september
Flipkart big billion days best offers

The exchange offer will depend on the condition of your old smartphone. But, if you take advantage of the maximum exchange offer, the iPhone SE can be bought for just Rs 11,499.

Exchange offer on iPhone in Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale

Apple iPhone SE smartphone comes with A13 bionic chipset support. It has a 4.7-inch Retina AD display. Also, the phone has a 7 MP camera for selfies. 19,000 exchange offer on purchase of third generation iPhone SE. Thus, the phone will be priced at Rs 24,900 on Flipkart.

Buy iPhone 13 for Rs 50,000

E-retailers have created a micro site to enjoy upcoming sales and deals. In this deal, the iPhone 13 can be made available for sale for less than Rs 50,000.

Why should we update our WhatsApp app now?

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Today I will tell you such cool updates of WhatsApp, knowing about which you will update your WhatsApp app.

Today I will tell you such cool updates of WhatsApp, knowing about which you will update your WhatsApp app.
WhatsApp rolling out new features in recent update

No app is always the best, it has to constantly update itself to stay good. WhatsApp is the world's most popular chatting app, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need improvements or updates. To implement these improvements, WhatsApp has given 3 new features, so you should also update your WhatsApp app now. Read the full article to know more about those 3 new features.

3 new updates of WhatsApp

1. Finally now emoji reactions will also be available on WhatsApp

In today's time, most chatting apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, iMessage etc. support emoji chat but not WhatsApp. But WhatsApp, owned by the company "Meta" will also now support emoji after the new update. In this you will find 6 emoji which are as follows:

  1. Thumbs Up
  2. Red Heart
  3. Face with Tears of Joy
  4. Face With Open Mouth
  5. Crying Face
  6. Folded Hands

2. File Sharing up to 2GB

File sharing is already present on WhatsApp, but only up to 100MB of file sharing can be done in one go. Apart from WhatsApp, some other chatting apps also provide file sharing facility up to 2GB. WhatsApp decided to rectify this shortcoming and in the new update also gave us the option of file sharing up to 2GB. But keep in mind how much your internet data is left before sharing 2GB file, my suggestion is that if you have unlimited mobile data or WiFi data then only you share 2GB file.

3. Now add up to 512 members in WhatsApp group

We all use WhatsApp Groups to stay connected with each other. WhatsApp only supports groups of up to 256 members so far, which means that you cannot add more than 256 members to a group. But sometimes we also need more than 256 members in the group, then we wish that this limit was more members. To solve this dilemma of yours, WhatsApp has now increased the limit of group members from 256 to 512 in the new update.

I know that sometimes this limit will also be useful, but do you know, like 256 members limit may have been increased, according to the need, the limit of 512 members should also be increased.

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Entertainment with earning that too only for women through SHEROES app

If you are looking for such a platform which is only for women and where you can earn some money with social networking then SHEROES app is made for you only.

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SHEROES is a social networking platform that is only for women and you can use it through SHEROES's website and app. Security, empathy and trust are the three fundamental pillars of this platform, which together make it the best social networking platform for girls or women.

female only social networking website
Female only social networking app

This platform is available in many languages, out of which English, Hindi and Bengali are prominent and more languages ​​are likely to be added to it. This women only app SHEROES has more than 20 million users, which proves how popular this app is among females.

Free online counseling for women, women only communities and excellent support makes this app the best self care app for girls. With the help of SHEROES, housewives can get some new business and new earning ideas from home.


Do you also want to do online selling without investment, then SHEROES is best for you. You can easily start your online store on SHOPonSHEROES without any investment.

You can earn from your phone while sitting at your home and make your home financially strong. One such option is the SHECO Partner Program, a program with the help of which you can start a business from home without any startup cost. On this, you can also get a loan to start a business at some low interest rate.

You can apply for real work from home jobs with the help of this app and from which you will also get MARS certificate. After this certificate, you can do permanent or temporary work from home jobs in top companies of the country.

Don't you have a degree?? No problem! You can become a financial consultant even after passing 10th, you just have to learn some things. Due to having so many work from home options, SHEROES is the best app for those girls who were looking for a platform so that they can do social networking without worrying about any safety and earn some money in their free time. .

Apart from business and jobs, what else can you do in SHEROES?

In SHEROES you can join new free online courses, learn new skills, attend workshops and get free career counseling from career specialists. Apart from all this, you can also take free legal advice on issues like domestic violence and divorce. By the way, we would like that there is no need for any woman to take advice on these issues and she happily stays with her family.

The best and useful app for women SHEROES has a weekly event once a week where you can share a lot more than just recipes.

From work from home job to new business ideas, this app gives you financial freedom and fills you with enthusiasm and self-confidence. SHEROES was created so that by using the Internet as a tool, we can do something for women.

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How to Create a Public Profile on Snapchat Step by Step Guide

Snapchat is a platform that helps users to share photos, videos, texts, etc. From the last few days, Snapchat has emerged as a very good platform. Despite having a lot of features in Snapchat, it is more popular for its filters.

Snapchat public profile is like an organic presence of brands and business, so in this post we will tell you how to create public profile in Snapchat.
 How to Create a Public Profile on Snapchat Step by Step Guide

If you are already a Snapchat user, then you must have known about the public profile. But even if you do not know, then we will tell you everything in this article. In this article, we will talk about the public profile that we see in the photo sharing platform Snapchat.

What is a Public Profile in Snapchat

Snapchat Public Profile is a business related feature that makes its social presence available to any big or small brand on Snapchat, from Snapchat Public Profile your business or brand can be organically searched online.

That's why the Snapchat public profile is like an organic presence of brands and businesses. In simple words, if you create a public profile in Snapchat, then you can show your photos, videos and other content to more audiences.

While creating a public profile in Snapchat, you have to provide some information that the audience can see. This information also includes your photos, bio and description. The information in a Snapchat public profile may be different from your regular Snapchat profile.

The funniest thing is that in public profiles, fans can also subscribe to your profile, so that they will be able to see your lenses and stories too.

Who's Eligible for a Public Profile on Snapchat

Before 2020, only celebrities and creators were eligible to create public profiles in Snapchat, but now things have changed and now anyone can create a public profile in Snapchat.

This means that now any Snapchat user can create a public profile. But with some of the following rules:

  • User must be at least 18 years old
  • Your snapchat account must be at least 24 hours old

How to Create a Public Profile on Snapchat

In this section, we will show you how to create a public profile on Snapchat. Some simple steps are given below, by following which you will be able to create a public profile.

  1. Open your phone snapchat app and tap on profile icon
  2. Tap on the 3 dots next to Add to Spotlight
  3. Tap on Create Public Profile
  4. Tap on Continue in Create Public Profile section
  5. On the next screen, tap on Get Started
  6. When the pop-up window appears, tap on Create
  7. In the Public Profile section, tap on My Public Profile
  8. Edit your profile by going to Edit Profile
  9. On the next screen, you will get the option to add Add Profile Photo, Bio, Location and also get the button to enable Show Subscribers Count.

And that's it, you've created your Snapchat public profile.

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