Apple CEO Tim Cook Officially Opens The Delhi Apple Store In Saket

India's New Delhi - On April 20, 2023, thousands of Apple supporters and computer lovers gathered to witness Tim Cook, the company's CEO, formally open the eagerly anticipated Apple Store in Saket, Delhi.

Comparison Of Delhi Apple Store With Mumbai Apple Store

The size of the Apple Saket store in Delhi is half that of the store in Mumbai, and insiders say that the business will pay rent based on either a percentage of gross sales from both stores or Rs 40 lakh a month, whichever is higher.

Delhi Apple Store
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However, the Delhi store is considerably smaller than the Mumbai location. It will continue to feature all Apple goods, experiences, and services, much like the Apple BKC. The team at the Apple Saket store, which consists of 70 people from 18 different Indian states, can serve customers in around 15 different languages. Women make up half of these employees.

What Tim Cook Tweeted About Delhi Visit

Cook tweeted about his trip to Delhi in the meanwhile. "What a fantastic welcome, Delhi; many thanks! We're excited to welcome customers to Apple Saket, our newest store, he said.

Tim Cook Delhi Apple Store
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Long anticipated, the opening of the Apple Store in Saket is a key turning point for Apple in India. Tim Cook stressed the value of India as a market for Apple during his speech at the occasion.

Benefits Of Apple Store In India

Apple enthusiasts in India, who previously had to rely on third-party shops to purchase Apple products, had been eagerly awaiting the store's launch. The business recently announced plans to establish a new development center in Bangalore and invested in regional manufacturing.

As a result of fierce competition from manufacturers of Android-based smartphones, Apple has been trying to establish a presence in India. The opening of the Apple Store in Saket is expected to change that. Apple wants to reach India's expanding middle class, which is adopting technology and cellphones more and more, with the opening of the new store.

The new store is located at the Select CityWalk Mall in Saket, Delhi, and is open seven days a week from 10 am to 8 pm.

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