How to Differentiate Between Fake iPhone And Real One

Smartphone technology has progressively assimilated into our daily life. The iPhone is one among the numerous brands that are available and is a favorite of many. However, not every iPhone on the market is a genuine model. Some claim to be genuine, but they are simply fake iPhone models that could lead you to make a poor purchase.

difference between fake and real iPhone
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It is crucial to understand how to distinguish between fake and authentic iPhones because of this. Whether you are buying your first iPhone or upgrading to a new model, the advice in this article will help you make an informed choice.

How can you tell the difference between a fake iPhone and a real one


One of the simplest ways to tell a fake iPhone from a real one is by looking at the box that it comes in. The packaging for a genuine iPhone is expertly made and stamped with the Apple emblem. The packaging is well-finished and constructed of premium materials. False iPhones, on the other hand, may arrive in cheap plastic bags or cartons with shoddy artwork.

Display Quality

The displays of iPhones, which are recognized for their sharpness, clarity, and high resolution, are one of their key selling points. A fake iPhone will have low-quality photos and a low resolution, while a real iPhone will have a crisp and bright screen. It is probably a fake if the display looks flat or washed out.

Operating System

Checking its operating system for counterfeit iPhones. Fake iPhones frequently have issues and slowness, shutting off abruptly or taking longer to run an application. In contrast, genuine iPhones have effective operating systems and are more reliable and stable than counterfeit devices, despite the fact that they occasionally have minor glitches. Check for any slowing or crashes by opening a few applications, writing a message, or opening a few photos.

Check the Serial Number

A serial number that is specific to each iPhone can be found in the settings. The serial number on the iPhone should be compared to Apple's database in order to ensure that the device is genuine. It is most likely a fake if the serial number is absent or if it does not match Apple's database.

Camera Quality

The photos and movies taken with an iPhone's amazing camera are consistently of a high caliber. Compared to the real iPhone camera, a phony one is always of lower quality and resolution. Take a photo using the phone camera and examine it to see if the camera quality is perfect.


Every phone created has a special 15-digit code called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) that serves as its identification. You may check an iPhone's IMEI by entering *#06# on the keyboard or by looking in the settings to see if it is genuine. When you have the number, check to see if it matches the details of the iPhone model in Apple's database. It is obviously not real if the IMEI is invalid or if it is not listed in the Apple database.


The iPhone is probably a fake if the pricing appears too good to be true. As expensive gadgets, original iPhones are extremely unlikely to be found for dirt cheap. It is always advisable to get an iPhone from an authorized Apple reseller because they are dependable suppliers of real iPhones.

Build Quality

Genuine iPhones are easy to recognize thanks to their robust, premium construction. You'll be able to tell right away whether you're handling a fake iPhone. A genuine iPhone should feature sturdy buttons that click easily, a flawless screen devoid of imperfections, and a camera lens that is flush with the back and does not protrude. The phone's body should also feel sturdy and flawless, and the metallic frame's finishing should be flawless.


When buying an iPhone, you must exercise caution. You will find it simpler to identify between a fake iPhone and a real one with the help of these guidelines. Consider price ranges, evaluate camera quality, and always search for the seal of authenticity. Avoid purchasing a fake iPhone by never buying from dishonest vendors; instead, only buy from those who have a good reputation.

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