Flipkart launches sell back program now you can sell your old phone on flipkart

Walmart-owned Flipkart has launched its new program called Sell Back Program, under this scheme, users can sell their old phones on Flipkart. Doing so will help in reducing the e-waste generated from phones and other electronic items. Initially this scheme is only for smartphones but later on this scheme can be applicable to more electronic gadgets also. This scheme has been launched when Flipkart has bought a company named Yantra. Flipkart's scheme is available on 1700 pin codes including Delhi, Kolkata, Patna etc.

flipkart launches sell back program now you can sell your old phone on flipkart
Flipkart sell back program

Flipkart has said that the new sell back program will be available only on the Flipkart app. This option will be found at the bottom of the app. Users who sell their phones on Flipkart will get a Flipkart gift voucher of a correct value. Like Flipkart's trade-in program, your phone will be valued in this program too. After filling all the details, a Flipkart executive will collect the phone from you within 48 hours. Once this is done, Flipkart will verify your product, and if all goes well, it will give you an electronic coupon in exchange for your smartphone.

According to a report by Flipkart, out of 125 million users in India, only 20 million users send their phones to the refurbished market. As a result, 85% of the used smartphones go in the garbage, due to which the load of e-waste increases. This program will reduce this problem and give consumers a safe platform on which they can sell their old phones.

How to sell your old phone on Flipkart

  1. Open the Flipkart app on your phone and go to its "Menu Bar"
  2. Here you will get the new "Sell Again" option
  3. Tapping on it will take you directly to the "Return Program" of Flipkart.
  4. To start the process, tap on "Sell Now" and answer the questions asked such as brand name, IMIE number etc.
  5. Select your location and accept the "Terms and conditions". By doing this, your smartphone value will be shown in front of you, on your confirmation, within 24 hours, the executive of Flipkart will come to you and take the smartphone from you.

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