How to record WhatsApp call in android and iphone

Call recording has become a necessity in today's world. Many things can happen in call recording be it making notes or listening to them all for whatever reason. But people are now using WhatsApp to make calls and messages. In regular calls we have the facility to record calls but WhatsApp does not provide call record facility. But we are going to tell you such a trick in this post, with the help of which you can record WhatsApp call in Android phone or iPhone.

How to record WhatsApp call in android and iphone

Along with regular calls, WhatsApp calls can also be recorded, know this method

So let us know how to record WhatsApp call on your iPhone and Android phone.

How to record WhatsApp call in android phone

As we all know it is common to have call recorder in today's phone and call recording is available in everyone's phone, hope your phone also supports call recorder and multi tasking, this trick will work only when your phone supports call recording and multitasking.

When your phone call is live open your phone voice recorder and press "Record" in it, make sure to put your phone on speakerphone so that voice of both call receiver and speaker can be recorded. 

If your phone does not have a call recorder, then you can download Google's Recorder App from the Play Store, in addition to Google's recorder app, another app Cube Call Recorder can also be downloaded and Both these apps are free.

Cube Call Recorder also supports automatic call recording, with this app you can mark the important moments by shaking the phone. You can also keep your recordings on the cloud servers of this app.

How to record WhatsApp call on iPhone

Let us now come to Apple's iPhone as we all know that Apple does not allow third party apps to access the microphone. Apart from this, there is no such app in the App Store that supports call recording.

The easiest way to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone is to make a WhatsApp calls on your iPhone and turn on the speaker, after that the call can be recorded by turning on the call recorder of any other phone, other than this there is no other way So that you can record calls in iPhone.

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