What is the first thing to do after getting a new android phone?

You have just got your new android phone out of its packing and you are very happy because you are getting very much curious about the new phone, due to this curiosity your mouth has become happy and eyes have become bigger. Let's admit that you might not be being so curious but a new phone always gives us a chance to celebrate and brings happiness.

things to do before getting a new phone
What to do after buying a new phone

But have you ever thought now what next, took a new phone but now what to do after that. Here we will tell some things that every new phone owner should do after taking the phone out of its box.

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What to do when you get your first phone

Check your phone

First of all, appreciate the thing that you hold in your hand. You have a device in your hand that no prophet ever imagined. This is such a gadget, with the help of which you can talk to any distant relative sitting at home, order your favorite food online and do not know what is there for your entertainment.

Take a good look at the box of your phone and check everything written on the bill carefully to see if anything is missed or nothing is damaged. Check the warranty of the device and see what warranty details have written. Apart from the warranty card, also check the manuals in which you will get information about setting up and operating the device.

Charge the phone

Charge your new phone first because most phones come with very handy charging, so you would not want to run out of battery in the middle of using your phone.

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If you charge your phone, then you will also get to know about the testing of its charger and it will also come to know that in how much time your phone is charged, which will be very useful in the future.

Put sim in phone

After charging, first of all switch off your phone and now using the SIM Ejector Tool that came with your phone, take out the SIM Tray and remove the SIM from your old phone or Insert the new SIM in the SIM tray of this new phone. Put the SIM tray back in the phone and switch on the phone. After turning on the phone, the network of your SIM will appear in the notification bar. If you do not see the network of the SIM, then turn off the phone and re-insert the SIM properly.

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Connect to internet

Since your SIM is now installed in your phone, you can now connect your phone to the Internet. I would advise you to use Wi-Fi instead of using Cellular Data / SIM Data because the data consumption is high at the time of setup of the phone and unlimited data is not available in everyone's SIM.

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Login with email id

If you have a Gmail ID, then login to the phone with it and if you do not already have an ID, then login by creating a new ID. Once you login, this ID will be logged in all Google apps like Gmail, Play Store, Google Maps etc.

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Update operating system

Most of the new phones are already updated, but whenever you get a new phone, go to the settings once and check the system update / software update. If your phone is not updated to the latest operating system then update your phone to the latest operating system.

Disable bloatware

Bloatware is called those apps which are already installed on your phone and are of no use to you. To use your phone well, you can remove these apps, which will save space on your phone and the performance of the phone will also be good.

You can go to the Settings of your phone and go to the Apps menu, select an app and uninstall it. You may not be able to uninstall some or all of the preinstalled apps on your phone, so you can disable them.

Download apps

After all the above things, now is the time to download your favorite and work apps, whether we talk about social networking famous apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or entertainment apps like YouTube and some work apps like WPS Office. Apart from all this, you can install many apps in your phone and at the same time if you like to play games then you can also download many games.

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Backing up data from previous phone

If this phone is not your first phone then your previous phone will have a lot of useful data which you will need in this phone as well. So in such a situation, you can carefully make a backup of all the work data of your previous phone and transfer it to the new phone. Remember before deleting the data from your previous phone on your new phone, make sure that all your data has been transferred to the new phone.

Add contacts

If this is your first phone then you can add the contacts of your friends and relatives in it and if this is not your first phone then you can back up the contacts of the previous phone. If you want, you can back up contacts with the help of Google Drive or you can transfer contacts manually.

Add security

We all worry about the security of our phone, no one can see our personal documents by doing it on our phone or anything that we want to keep only to limited people. In such a situation, we seem to have security in our phone such as Pattern Lock, Face ID, Password, Fingerprint Sensor etc. You too can keep your phone secure with the help of all these security features.

So friends, how did you like our new article "What to do first after getting a new android phone", please definitely tell in the comments box. If you want to read this article in Hindi then click here.

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