Now your emoji will also make sound, know how to use Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger

An image is equal to 1000 words and in today's digital age there are 1000 words as well as some sounds.

In July 2021, Facebook Messenger launched Soundmojis: emoji that play a sound when you send them in Messenger. The Facebook team has given voice to 30 such emoji. For example, if you want the sound to come even after sending your clap emoji, then now you can do that.

voice emoji

For now, Soundmojis is only available in Facebook Messenger. Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp and has already enabled cross platform messaging between Facebook and Instagram. So in such a situation it will not be wrong to say that soon you will be able to see Soundmojis in Messenger as well as WhatsApp and Instagram.

How to use soundmojis in Facebook Messenger

  • Give Facebook Messenger access to your phone's microphone by going to your phone's settings.
  • Open a chat in your Facebook Messenger
  • Go to the text box and click on the smiley face icon in the right corner
  • At last you will see the speaker icon, click on it
  • Now you will see some soundmojis, send the soundmojis you like

What to do if you don't have the option of Soundmojis in your Messenger

Friends, it has been seen in many cases that there is no option of Soundmojis in your facebook messenger, so what to do in that condition, then there is no need to panic friends, I will tell some solutions here, which can solve your problem.

  • First of all update your messenger if it is not already updated
  • Go to your phone's app settings and click on Messenger
  • If your messenger data is not important then clear the data
  • Make sure you've given your messenger permission to use the phone's microphone
  • Open your messenger, now see if the option of Soundmojis is coming in your messenger or not
  • If you still do not have the option of Soundmojis in your phone, then reinstall Messenger on your phone.

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