10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Phone Addiction

You may not even know but you have become addicted to your smartphone, especially due to the lockdown caused by Covid-19. According to the study, most people check their phone at least 80-150 times a day.

Smartphones have some advantages such as better communication, better work life and entertainment, due to these advantages, we have become addicted to using the smartphone too much, which has increased the disadvantages as well, The biggest disadvantage is that the balance of our life has deteriorated.

how to stop phone addiction for students, how to get rid of phone addiction while studying
How to stop cell phone addiction

Due to social media, we have connected with people sitting far away and strangers, but we are getting away from people living nearby and loved ones. So today we have brought such a post which will help in reducing your smartphone addiction and bring balance in your life like never before. Read More- How Do I Quit Facebook For Good

10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Phone Addiction

1. Save your time

Being available online to your friends and colleagues also has its own big disadvantages, out of which the biggest disadvantage is that you are not able to take time for yourself and your loved ones. You have to respect your time because it is precious and you have to learn to save your time. I myself keep the "Do Not Disturb" service active for a few hours in my phone and all my near and dear ones know that I am unavailable in those hours. During this, only a few people can contact me, out of which my family members and my boss are prominent. You can also put your phone completely switched off or on flight mode for a few hours. Sometimes calls and messages don't allow you to spend quality time with your family.

2. Check your phone usage

Whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, you will find some or the other application or option on both types of phones that will tell you how long you have used your phone. Here you can also check which app you spent the most time on and then you can reduce the time spent on that app by improving your digital habits. You can set app timer in your phone, with the help of which you will use less apps on your phone. You will find all these settings in your phone's Screen Time settings.

3. Run your phone in grayscale

According to the study, our brain is very attracted towards colors, due to which we see the notifications of our phone quickly because it is colorful. Similarly, we also find the screen of our phone very attractive because it is also colorful. So if we make our phone black and white, then we will be less attracted towards our phone and our time to operate the phone will also be saved.

4. Turn off notifications for low working apps

All the apps installed on your phone want your attention, so they keep sending you notifications like social media apps keep telling you about a person and similarly games keep sending you notifications so that you can spent some money. Spend the money and play the game at your own pace. So to get rid of all these notifications, turn off the notifications of some apps by going to the settings. Read More- How To Disconnect Instagram Account From Facebook

5. Delete social media apps

If you don't care much who is doing what or what is happening in the world then you can delete social media apps from your phone because social media apps are the most time consuming apps. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram are some of the major apps that consume the most time.

6. Leave the phone and do the things you love

In earlier times people used to enjoy sitting together like playing games together, watching TV, going for outings, cooking together, gossiping etc. But since this smartphone has come, everyone never enjoys together. So you also change your habit and enjoy with everyone. If you live alone, you can read books or watch TV or go on a solo trip outside.

7. Instead of installing shopping apps, shop from the market or from the shopping website

Shopping apps also keeps you very busy, so instead of installing apps, you can do shopping from offline market, this will reduce the usage of your phone and will also support local shopkeepers. If you do not have time to shop by going to the market, then you can shop on shopping web sites.

8. Run entertainment apps on smart TV

If you have a smart TV in your home, then you should run entertainment apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on the TV itself, this will reduce your phone addiction and save the phone's battery too, and yes its awesome experience to enjoy TV series and movies on big screen.

9. Uninstall games from your phone

After social media and entertainment apps, the most time is consumed on games, if you are also fond of playing games on the phone, then change this habit and give time to physical games instead of digital games like Ludo, Carrom, Chess , Cricket, Football etc. If you like indoor games then you can play ludo, carrom, chess and board games and if you like outdoor games then you can play games like cricket, football, tennis etc. All these will keep your mental health as well as physical health and your interaction with people will also increase. Read More- How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

10. Use your time wisely

The most important and the last point of work - use your time wisely. Instead of wasting hours, put that problem in some good work like you can do social service, you can learn something new, you can help in household chores, you can take care of elder and younger. If you have elders and children in your house, then believe me, they will be very happy after getting your time.

Bonus point

Apart from all this, if you stop putting your phone on charging again and again, then it will also be useful in getting rid of your phone addiction because if the charging is less then the phone will also run less. Use the battery power bank only when absolutely necessary. Avoid Google everything, your knowledge will also increase. Use less calculator, which will improve your math.

Friends, how did you like our post "10 ways by which you can reduce your phone addiction", please tell in the comment and if you want to read this post in Hindi then click here.

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