How to set url of post in blogger

When you make a post in Blogger, it automatically generates the URL (which we call permalink in Blogger) such as www.YourDomain/yyyy/mm/ABOUT-MY-POST, this is an example of blogger URL format.

how to change permalink in blogger after publishing
How to set permalink in blogger

In this URL you will find:

YourDomain can be your custom domain and can also be a subdomain of blogspot eg is a custom domain and is a subdomain of blogspot.

yyyy/mm is the year and month on which the post was originally published

Blogger chooses ABOUT-MY-POST words according to your post title, if the title is empty then it takes the first few words of your post. Blogger has its own rules by which it removes some words from the URL such as "the" and similar common words.

Even after all this, Blogger has a tool of its own, with the help of which you can keep the URL according to you.

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How to set permalink in blogger

blogger page permalink
blogger page permalink

  • Go to post editor or create new post
  • In the Post settings area, you will get the option of Permalink, click on it
  • Select Custom permalink instead of Automatic permalink
  • Enter the URL of your choice without space or special characters as blogger allows only "-" and "_" to be entered in the URL for example- ABOUT-MY-POST
  • Finish the post and then publish it.


You can only use the following characters in the URL of blogger post:

  • Lowercase letters ( a, b, c................z )
  • Uppercase letters ( A, B, C................Z )
  • Digits ( 0, 1, 2.....................9)
  • Underscore ( _ )
  • Dash ( - )
  • Full stop which we also call period ( . )

It seems that there is no restriction on the length of the URL, which means you can write any length of URL. (Note:- This is just my guess, rest you can try yourself by using the longest URL)

If the combination of yyyy/mm and ABOUT-MY-POST of the post date (ie yyyy/mm/ABOUT-MY-POST ) is not unique, then blogger automatically removes some of the last characters and puts some number so that the post The URL should always be unique.

Note: - This URL technique is applicable on posts only and not on blogger's pages, to set blogger page permalink, you have to write your page title very carefully because blogger takes URL of pages only from the words of title. Is.

Why you should use custom URLs in your blogger posts

If SEO is necessary for you, then only use custom URLs, otherwise it is not a big deal if you use automatic URLs as well. Click on the link if you want to know What Is Seo And Why Is It Important For Your Blog

If you think you need a custom URL then always keep these 2 things in mind

  1. URL should always match your content
  2. Choose a URL that people search on search engines

Remember you do not have to do spamming in the URL, write the URL according to the content in the post, and if possible, do not use words like "the", "a", "and" in the URL.

A lot of big bloggers say that we should use dash in URL instead of dot ( . ) or underscore ( _ ) because it is good for SEO, this truth only search engines like Google or Bing know which one to use.

How to change permalink in blogger after publishing

In fact, you cannot change the URL again by publishing the post once, but here is a trick, with the help of which you can also change the URL of the published post. Let us know how you can change URL after the post is published. Read Also- What Is Blogging - Step By Step Guide To Start A Blog

how to change permalink in blogger after publishing
how to change permalink in blogger after publishing
  • Go to the edit section of the post whose URL you want to change
  • The Preview button is given on the top side of the Post settings, a drop down menu is given on its right side, click on it.
  • Click on Revert to draft
  • Go to Permalink in Post settings and select Custom Permalink
  • Enter the URL of your choice
  • Click on the drop down menu on the right side of the Preview, click on Update option
  • Publish post

In this way you can also change the URL of your published post.

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