How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones to the Same Phone

How can you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones to the same phone at the same time? If we talk about wired audio sharing, then we can easily do this work with audio splitter to connect to more than one speaker or headphones, but if we have to do this work in Bluetooth speakers and headphones, then not everyone would know that How is this work done. So let us tell you today how we can connect more than one Bluetooth speaker or headphones to the same phone in a single turn.

Connecting to more than one Bluetooth speaker or headphones depends on which phone you are using and which Bluetooth variant the phone supports.

how to connect 2 bluetooth speakers to samsung
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For example, Bluetooth v4.2 supports only one device at a time, up to a range of 30 meters, if we talk about Bluetooth v5, then it allows to connect 2 devices simultaneously in a range of 120 meters. Some speakers of the Boss company allow you to connect 2 devices simultaneously through one of their apps, but not every company offers such a facility.

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Can we connect two Bluetooth headphones to one phone

Most Android phones these days support dual audio and the iPhone offers the option of audio sharing which means you can connect 2 devices simultaneously over Bluetooth. iPhone 8 and above all models support audio sharing, similarly if you use a Samsung phone and the phone is launched after the Samsung Galaxy S8 series, then you will be able to connect the phone to more than one device. Which means that if you do not have a very old model phone, then you will be able to connect more than one device over Bluetooth.

When we will connect our speakers or headphones to the phone for the first time, then our first step will be to connect them one by one to the phone. Let us know how to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers and headphones to your phone.

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Connect multiple Bluetooth devices to android phone

1. Go to your phone's Bluetooth Settings and connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones one by one.

2. Once connected, click on the Three Dot Icon on the right side, click on Advanced Settings, enable Dual Audio option if disabled.

3. In phones running Android 10 and above, you can go to Directly Connect Bluetooth Devices by clicking on Media in the Quick Panel, after that you can select both the connected devices for audio output Is.

How to connect two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone

1. Go to the Control Center of your phone, click on the Airplay icon and select the paired device for audio output.

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