3 Apps that do not require network or internet to send or receive messages

Many times we get stuck in such a place where neither our phone's internet works nor our phone's network is coming and if we have to send message to someone nearby then that is not possible too, then such apps will be useful that provide you the facility to send and receive messages even without any network or internet.

Best Offline Messaging Apps

Suppose you have gone somewhere to roam in a group and there is no network coming in your phone, many members create some sub-groups, so how to stay connected to each other because the network is not coming, in such condition don't forget to install these apps on your phone before going on a trip. So let's start without wasting much time.

Before going directly to the list of those apps, let us know how this technology sending messages without network and internet works. Read Also- Most Popular Global Mobile Messenger Apps

How does messaging technology work without network and internet?

We know this technology as Mesh Messaging or Off-the-Grid Messaging and it is peer-to-peer or simply called device-to-device. It is a form of networking that is used to transfer data in short ranges such as 50-100 meters range.

This technology sends messages through your phone's Bluetooth or WiFi, in which the message reaches from one phone to another phone by meeting the link. To explain in simple words, let's take an example as if you have gone somewhere in the group and there are 8 members in the group, whose names are Gaurav, Mamta, Surendra, Kanchan, Himani, Vaibhav, Divya and Mukta. Gaurav wants to send a message to Himani but this is not a network, so he uses any one app given in the list below, which is also installed in the phones of all 8 members. In this technology, the message sent by Gaurav will reach  first, which will be closest to Gaurav.

Suppose Mamta is closest to Gaurav, then the message will reach Mamta first, but the best thing is that Mamta will not be able to read that message because this message has been sent to Himani, Mamta and everyone else is just a medium whose phone has Bluetooth and WiFi which acts as a chain, the message will reach Himani and no one will be able to read it.

Best Offline Messaging Apps

Bluetooth Chat - Android

Bluetooth chat is a very good messaging option without internet which is also free. This app allows you to send text and images from one phone to another using peer-to-peer technology. Its transmission range depends on the Bluetooth range of the connected devices, mostly around 100 meters.

Bluetooth chat
Bluetooth chat

Like other apps, you never need internet in this, even while registering the account. Nor will it ever ask for your phone number, email id. When you open this app for the first time, it just asks you profile picture, display name.

Bridgefy - Android and iOS

You can enjoy end-to-end encryption chats up to a distance of 100 meters. Just download this app, create your nickname, allow access to your phone's Bluetooth and location service and just start chatting with your friends.


For information, let me tell you that on opening it for the first time, you will need internet to register your account. Which means that you will need an internet connection once, then later you will be able to use it without internet.

Bridgefy is one of the few apps that supports cross platform that means you can run this app on both iOS and Android. Although this app is free, but sometimes you may get to see AIDS in this app. Read Also- What Is Signal App, How It Is Better Than WhatsApp And Telegram

Briar - Android

Briar app is not that good in design but in functions this app is the best. It is an open-source app whose features include Disappearing Messages, End-to-End Encryption, Content Filtering and Blog Section etc.


With Briar you can set the profile picture, change the theme of the app and customize the notifications alerts. In this app you get built-in app lock.

Without registration and being AIDS free, this app gives a very good user experience. This app also sometimes asks you for phone number, email id. When you open this app for the first time it just asks you profile picture, display name

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