Some things about smartphone battery that every smartphone user should know

Friends, in today's time everyone has a smartphone, in such a situation, there are some things related to it that confuses everyone, such as some rumor spread about the battery of the smartphone is such that we all believe it to be true. From today onwards with some such lies, we will bring the truth to the fore by lifting the curtain. So get ready friends to know something that might be useful for you in future. Read More- Types Of Mobile Battery- Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Types Of Batteries- Tips On Mobile Phone Battery Protection And Maintenance

Some of the rumors spread about the battery of the smartphone are such that we all believe it to be true, from today onwards we will bring the truth to the fore.
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5 smartphone battery rumors and truth behind them

Rumor Number 1

Don't charge your smartphone whole night

Friends, till a few years ago, nickel-ion batteries were used in our phones and then our phones were not as smart as they have become today. In the earlier years, it was true that charging the phone all night can damage or explode, but in today's time this thing is completely useless because today the smartphone is smarter than before.

Today's smartphones are equipped with heavy processors that handle AI very well and with the help of which they do not allow the phone to overcharge. In today's time we use Lithium-Ion batteries instead of nickel-ion batteries. All these together stop charging once your phone is 100% charged. Read More- Why Do Mobile Phones Have Non-Removable Batteries Nowadays?

But friends, I will still say that do not sleep by keeping your phone close to your head, because it may be that your phone's charger is not in good condition or there is some fault in your phone and that phone gets damaged. You can keep yourself safe by putting it on remote distance.

Rumor Number 2

Charging the phone with another charger will damage the battery

Friends, there is some truth in this and some lies too. Meaning that if you charge your phone with a good charger, then nothing will spoil your phone, but instead of a good charger,if you charge your phone with local charger, then your phone can be damaged, by good charger I mean that someone use a good company charger.

Suppose you have a Redmi phone, apart from Redmi, you can also use chargers from companies like Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Samsung etc. Because these chargers are designed by looking at the safety that does not allow your phone to overcharge. Read More- 5 Tips To Save Smartphone Battery

In addition to these, if you use any other local brand charger, then it can prove to be harmful for your phone. That's why friends, always use a good brand charger, even if it is different from your phone brand.

Note:- While buying the charger, make sure that the charger is original as there are duplicate local chargers of the original charger available in the market.

Rumor Number 3

Nothing will happen to my phone when the phone is hot or even in a hot place because my phone is very smart

Friends, some people are so cleaver that they understand that their phone is very smart. Yes friends, your phone is much smarter today than before, yet we should be careful with some things, one of which is high temperature. If you also think that the phone will stay in high temperature properly then you are wrong.

You should always keep your phone in a cool place and stop using it when the phone gets overheated. If you do not do this then there is high chance of your phone getting damaged and for which you will be responsible. Read More- If Your Phone Is Charging Slow, Then Follow These Amazing Tips

Rumor Number 4

Charge your phone only when it is 100% dead

If someone tells you that you should charge your phone only when it is 100% dead or 0% charging, then you can feel free to ignore his point because he is misleading you in another rumor.

I will tell you when you should charge your phone but before that you tell me when do you charge your phone. Many of you will say that we do it when the battery is low or when we feel like doing it, or some will say they charge phone when they get time.

You are absolutely right guys, you are thinking right. Charge the phone when you get time or when you feel that your phone's battery is getting low. There is no such rule that the phone has to be charged only when it is 100% dead or 0% charging. You can charge your phone whenever you want.

Rumor Number 5

Charging the phone with a higher watt charger will damage your phone.

Like I told you earlier about the first rumor that in today's time smartphones have become smarter than ever before, so to say that if you charge the phone with a higher watt charger, your phone will get spoiled, completely meaningless. Read More- 8 Smartphone Myths Which You Believe To Be True

The way the phone is not damaged by putting the phone on charging all night, in the same way, charging the phone with a higher watt charger does not damage the phone because the phone will take as much power as its capacity. Suppose you have a phone that supports 18W charging, then even after using a 65W charger, it will only take 18W charging.

Note:- All the things written above have been written in the context of today's smartphones, if you have an old phone then it has nothing to do with these things. Have faith in yourself and try the given things.

So friends, how did you like our post "Some such things about smartphone battery that every smartphone user should know", please tell in the comment and yes if you want to read this story in Hindi then click here.

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