5 things that can be done on Android but not in iPhone

The battle of iPhone against Android is as old as these two platforms and it seems that this fight is not going to end anytime soon. Whenever a new update is released, users on both sides humiliate each other by saying that this feature is already in their platform or their other platform does not have this feature. And this fight seems to be more politics than competition.

Apple keeps adding Android features to iOS, but some features are still a dream for people with iPhone
5 things that can be done only on Android

Apple keeps adding Android features to iOS, but still there are some things that only people with Android phones can do, all these features are still a dream for people with iPhone. We have identified some such works which can be done only on Android phone, their list is given below. Read Also- What Is The Difference Between iOS And Android Phones

5 Things Android can do that iOS can't

1. Choose the default app for whatever you want

Yes, Apple has given the freedom to the people that they can choose the email client and app for web browsing according to their wish, but wait, apart from these two features, the default app is set for many things but Apple has not given you the freedom whereas in Android phone, Google has given you complete freedom that you can set the default app as per your wish.

To set the default app according to you, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Apps & Notifications
  • Tap Default Apps
  • To change the defaults, select the app category such as Phone app or Browser app.

2. Best voice assistant- Google Assistant

Apple users have Siri but Android gives you Google Assistant. Google Assistant works very well than any other voice assistant like Siri or Alexa, but the best part is that it uses a very large database of Google for any results.

Google Assistant understands our language well and the chances of getting it wrong are less than other assistants. And it shows results by searching from Google search which Siri cannot do.

Google Assistant is also very well connected with other functions of the phone, it can also tell you when the meeting is and how is the traffic on that route. If you have smart speakers like Google Home and Nest Mini or any other compatible device, then you can control that too well.

iPhone users can also use Google Assistant but have to download it as it doesn't come pre-installed on the iPhone and you can't even set it as the default app. Read Also- Transfer WhatsApp Chat History From Android To iPhone

3. Using split screen to run two apps simultaneously

Has it ever happened that you want to message someone while watching YouTube and you can message someone without turning off YouTube. You can do all this easily in Android because the split screen feature gives you the freedom to do 2 things at once or you can say that it gives the freedom to run 2 apps at the same time.

iPadOS gives you the feature to use split screen but this feature is not in iPhone, whereas this feature in Android since 2016 when Android 7.0 came. You can adjust the size of the split screen according to your needs.

4. Customizing

Launchers allow you to interact with your phone's home screen screen in your own way. If you want, you can select your app drawer or change the app icons according to your choice. With the help of the launcher, you can change the look and behavior of your phone, which makes it feel like a personal touch.

With the help of Live Wallpapers, you can get new wallpapers of different categories on your home screen and lock screen everyday without doing anything, so that you will feel something new in your phone everyday.

You can make your home screen more productive by adding widgets of your choice. Keep that app there as you like. Read Also- Best iOS Launcher For Android 2021

5. Using the stylus

With Apple you get the Apple Pencil, but it only gives you the ability to work on the iPad. You cannot use Apple Pencil on iPhone. Not all phones support stylus even in Android, but you still have the option in Android to buy a phone that supports stylus such as Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S21 Ultra and Moto G Stylus.

The inbuilt support of the stylus means that you can make notes, draw sketches or edit a photo with great precision.

Samsung is at the forefront of stylus support and a lot of its flagship phones support the stylus and with the success of Samsung, it seems that many more Android phone makers will come with stylus support phones like Motorola took the initiative with Moto G stylus.

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