5 Awesome Apps That Will Be Very Useful In Your Day To Day Life

So how are you all, I hope you are doing well. In today's post, I am going to tell you some interesting, new, useful apps about which you must know, do not miss a single app. Do not speak later, I did not tell earlier, I have brought these apps for all of you from every corner of the world by searching and searching, I have spoken too much, but what to do friends, it is my nature to speak more. Read Also- 3 Apps That Do Not Require Network Or Internet To Send Or Receive Messages

5 Awesome Apps That Will Be Very Useful
5 Awesome Apps That Will Be Very Useful

So without wasting much time let us tell you 5 absolutely new apps which are going to be very useful in your day to day life.

5 Awesome Apps That Will Be Very Useful In Your Day To Day Life

1. N Docs App

The first app is N Docs App, it is very useful and interesting app. If I say clearly, then this is an all in one file reading app which can be of great use to you. If you also use Ms-Office files in your smartphone such as Ms-Word, Ms-Excel and Ms-PowerPoint or any text file and you want to organize all these files in your smartphone. Assume if you do not know which file is lying in your phone, then this app will prove to be very useful for you. Read More- Step By Step Guide To Check Gold Quality By This App

With the help of this app, you will be able to see your files in one place, suppose you want to see all the Ms-Word files of your phone at once, no matter what folder it is in, then you will be able to do this easily with N Docs App. with help. Apart from this, you can also create text files, pdf files and html files in this app.

2. Disable Touch

Our next app is Disable Touch, personally I really like it. It is very easy to search this app, you will search Disable Touch in play store then you will get it easily. As the name suggests, this app disables the touch.

Suppose you have to give a phone to a child to watch cartoons on YouTube, then you can feel free to play YouTube and give the phone to the child and that child will not be able to touch anywhere except watching cartoons because touch has already been disabled with the help of Disable Touch. Read Also- This App Is Giving Up To 50 Percent Cashback On Petrol And Diesel

It is also very easy to use, you open any app, drag the screen from top to bottom, you will get the option of Disable Touch, with the help of which the touch can be disabled and in the same way you can enable the touch again.

3. Viral Icon Pack

The next app on my list is Viral Icon Pack. If you are also bored with the icons of your phone and want to change all the icons of your phone then this app is made for you.

With the help of this app, you can easily change all the icons of your phone because you will get more than 4000 trending icons and more than 200 wallpapers in it. So what's the delay guys, install this app and get a completely new look for your phone.

4. Opera GX Browser

Before moving on to our fourth app, I would like to ask you if you like to play games on mobile and you are always trying new games, then this app is of great use to you and its name is Opera GX browser. Read Also- Instant Loan Providing Apps In India

This is a gaming browser in which you will get to know about every upcoming games in advance along with their release date. Apart from this, you can download many games from this phone which are already present on the Play Store. Apart from all this, you can also use this browser as a normal browser.

That's why I would like to say friends, this browser is for those people who are very heavy gamers.

5. Privacy Dashboard

The last name in our list is that app will take your phone security to the next level. If you are also concerned about the security of your phone, then you must download this app and the name of this app is Privacy Dashboard. It is very simple and handy app.

Once installed, in the next 24 hours, this app will tell you which apps on your phone are using which app permissions and when. Like when WhatsApp is using your phone's mic, etc. Read Also- What Is Signal App, How It Is Better Than WhatsApp And Telegram

So friends, how did you like this post of ours "5 Awesome Apps That Will Be Very Useful In Your Day To Day Life". If you want to give any suggestion, then you can tell in the comment section and if you want to read this post in Hindi then click here.

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