Xiaomi launched an umbrella with LED light, will show the path in the dark, the price is less than Rs 800

Xiaomi has also been launching non-electronics products for a long time. These are specially designed to make everyday life easier. One such product is the portable umbrella made by Xiaomi's eco-chain company UREVO. Xiaomi YOUPIN has launched a new umbrella in a new UREVO category that comes with LED light, reverse folding and non-waiting and one-second opening mechanism. The special thing is that the price of this umbrella is 69 Yuan (about 800 rupees). Read Also- Google Covid Card Will Make Work Easier, You Do Not Need To Carry Vaccination Certificate

The UREVO Portable Umbrella features three high-brightness LED lamp beads that can be seen from up to 10 meters away. This lamp can be adjusted in such a way that the breaker, manhole cover, stone etc. can be easily seen by the user while walking on the road during night time. Along with this, users can easily see the vehicles coming from the front at night.

Xiaomi YOUPIN has launched an umbrella that will not only protect you from getting wet in the rain but will also help you to see the stones, manhole covers on your way in the dark.
Xiaomi launched an umbrella with LED light,

Please note that there is no switch on the handlebar in the umbrella to turn on the light. Rather, the LED lamp turns on automatically when the handle is rotated. The battery life for the Lite is claimed to be strong. Read Also- Now MI's Smartphone Will Be Charged Only By Voice

Moreover, this UREVO umbrella can be opened and closed with a single button and is fully automated. Simply put, pressing the same button opens the umbrella and also closes it, so it is easy to operate it with one hand.

The UREVO umbrella can also be reverse folded for rain-fed surfaces. By doing this, there are no chances of raindrops falling on the clothes and they do not get wet by keeping it on the hand and car seat. Read Also- This Smartphone Series Of Xiaomi Created History In India

In making this umbrella, the company has used 210T high-density impact cloth material, which has a hydrophobic coating on the outside. To protect against sun protection, an anti-UV layer up to UPF50+ has been used in making this umbrella. This fabric has an inner layer of vinyl coating that blocks light and heat. Fiberglass has been used to make the frame of the umbrella.

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