What is Virtual RAM in smartphones? How will 12GB RAM increase to 15GB?

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has launched its flagship Vivo X60 series in India in March. With this series, the company has said that virtual RAM has also been given in the smartphone. For example, Vivo X60 Pro has 12GB of RAM, but it can be increased to 15GB. But how?

With the Vivo X60 & OnePlus 9 series, the companies has given virtual RAM. What is Virtual RAM and how can you benefit from it.
What is Virtual RAM in smartphones

By going to the device settings of Vivo X60 Pro, you will be able to see that 12GB + 3GB RAM is written. Actually there is 12GB RAM, but if needed, 3GB internal storage will be converted into virtual RAM.

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If you have ever used pen drive as virtual RAM for laptop and PCs, then you will understand it. Even if you haven't done it, then we tell you how it works. 

What is the concept of Virtual RAM?

Smartphones or computers have an operating system and memory management is done only by this. Virtual RAMs are temporary and are designed to work by combining RAM and hard disk space.

If too many tasks are running simultaneously in the smartphone and the RAM is low, then the virtual memory transfers the data to the paging file.

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Vivo has said that virtual RAM will prove beneficial during multitasking. Because as soon as there is a shortage of RAM in multitasking, a part of the internal storage will be used as virtual memory.

However, for virtual RAM, it is obvious that the internal memory of this smartphone will have to be kept free. There is 12GB of RAM, so if you always keep it free from 3GB of storage, then if needed, you will use 3GB of phone storage.

The good thing is that this is not a manual. That means you will not need to do anything. If needed, the phone will do this work itself. This feature will prove beneficial for gamers and heavy multi taskers.

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In Vivo X60 Pro, the company has used UFS 3.1 storage which is fast. That is, its reading and writing speed is such that it can match the RAM.

OnePlus 9 series & Vivo V21 5G have also been launched recently and it also has the feature of virtual RAM. In the coming time, more companies are going to bring virtual RAM to their smartphones.

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