If you go out alone then this feature of WhatsApp can be very helpful for you!

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is quite popular. Many great features have been given in it. There are also many features like which we use very little or nil. One such feature is Live Location. It can be used for safety. Read More- How To Send Private Message In WhatsApp Group

With the help of live location of WhatsApp, you can share the location in real time to any of your friends or group for a specific time. With this, the address of the location of the users keeps going to the front. Read More- How To Restore Chat History In WhatsApp

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is quite popular. There are also many features that we use very little. One such feature is Live Location. It can be used for safety.
Step by step guide of sharing live location on WhatsApp

The most important thing is this feature is end-to-end encrypted. Because of this no one else can see your shared live location. With this your privacy is also maintained. This feature will prove to be very useful when you are going alone. In such a situation, by sharing the live location, you can inform friends or family members about it. With this they will be able to track you from moment to moment and help in case of any kind of emergency. Read More- How To Create WhatsApp Account Without Phone Number

It is quite easy to use this feature. To enable it, you have to follow some steps, here we are telling you how to enable live location in WhatsApp. For this, first you have to open the WhatsApp app on your phone. Read More- You Will Be Able To Run Your Single WhatsApp Account In 4 Mobiles

Before opening the app, go to your phone settings and give permission to WhatsApp to access the location. After this, open the chat or group in WhatsApp with which you want to share the location.

Here you have to tap on Attach. After that you have to click on the location. After clicking on the location, the option to share the live location will come. Tap on this. Here you have to select the time length for which you want to share the location. After this time period the location share will be closed. Now you can send it by clicking send.

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