How to reduce video file size online

Many times it will happen to you that you want to send a video but its size is very big and you want to reduce the size of that video. So today we are going to tell you such a trick, with the help of which you can reduce the size of the video online. And then you can send the same video to anyone via WhatsApp or any other way. Read Also- Top 5 photo editing apps

How to reduce video file size online

To reduce the size of any video, we have told a process below, by following which you can reduce the size of your video.

If the size of a video is too big, then reduce it like this
How to reduce video file size online

Step 1 - First of all open a browser on your mobile or desktop.

Step 2 - After that go to

Step 3 - After this the page of that website will open. Although this is a third party website, so ads will also appear here.

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Step 4 - After this you will see an option of Choose Files, by tapping on it you can enter the video whose size you want to reduce.

Step 5 - After selecting the video, Compress Now! An option will appear, you have to tap on it and then it will take some time. You will see the download button as soon as it is complete. By clicking on it, you can download the reduced video.

In this way the size of your video will be reduced to a great extent and you can easily share that video on WhatsApp or send it through any other medium.

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