What are some cool features of new Windows 11

Last week Microsoft has officially introduced Windows 11. In the new Windows 11, major changes have been made at the UI (user interface) level. Also, many new features have been added like running Android apps on PC.

Windows 11 release date
Windows 11

New Windows 11 release date

It is likely to be released by the end of the year and users will get a free Windows 11 upgrade from Windows 10.

Everything you need to know about Windows 11


The always-left Start button and pinned apps will now appear in the middle of the taskbar. These have been center-aligned.

But they can also be brought back to the left side. However, we are no longer able to move the taskbar to the left, right, and top edge of the screen.

Windows 10 to Windows 11 upgrade
new Windows 11

Start Menu

Notable changes have been made to the look of the Start menu, and it will now be visible in the middle. Live Tiles running from Windows 8 will not be in the new Windows.

Live tiles have been replaced by a grid of apps where we can pin the apps we want. Recently opened documents and files will appear below the pinned apps.

The redesigned Start menu is not only attractive but also clean. Read Also- What Is Windows 10s Mode? What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

User Interface

The user interface will be completely changed in the new Windows. Glass-like effects, shadows, new colors, and rounded corners can be seen in the UI.

Windows 11 upgrade from Windows 10
Windows 11 UI

Themes and wallpapers are brand new in Windows 11, and fonts, system icons, and app icons have also been changed. Add new animations and sounds to it as well.

All these things together make the UI modern, colorful, fresh, and beautiful.

Snap Layouts

With the help of Snap Layouts, we can run two or three apps side by side. When you hover the cursor over the Maximize button, six types of snap layouts will appear, from which you can choose.

new Windows 11
Windows 11 Microsoft

Similarly, the docking experience has also been improved. This is a great feature for people working on more than one monitor.

Windows 11 upgrade
Windows 11 snap layout

In the new Windows, if we close the other monitors, the Windows that were open on the closed monitors will be minimized. And when connected back, they will all open just as they were opened before.


On Windows 11 we can create different desktops for different tasks. Users can customize these desktops according to their own.

Windows 11 release date
Windows 11 Microsoft

For example, you can create separate desktops for work, home, school, gaming, etc. and add different types of apps, themes, wallpapers, etc. Read Also- How To Take Screenshot In Laptop - How To Screenshot On Windows 7 And Upper Versions


Windows has been at the forefront of multitasking (to do multiple tasks at a time). Windows 11's Snap Layouts and Desktops feature takes it a step further.

Features of new Windows 11

Many such new features have been added in Windows 11, which are going to differentiate between PC and Smartphone. The new Windows PC is going to bring meaningful changes in gaming as well.

Auto HDR Gaming

Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) will allow for vivid colors of scenes in games and a substantial improvement in contrast.

Auto HDR Gaming Effects in windows 11
Auto HDR Gaming Effects

DirectX 12 Ultimate is supported to enable heart-touching graphics at higher frame rates, and there will also be Direct Storage to reduce game load times.

And Windows 11 will come pre-installed with the Xbox app, which is Microsoft's subscription-based gaming service. Here we can play more than 100 high-quality games.


Windows 11 has a whole new set of widgets, which seem to be inspired by the Discover feature of the Google app. Just like on mobile, here you can see weather, news, calendar, to-do list, recent photos and more.

widgets in new windows 11

Which widgets you see can be arranged. However, these are different from Windows 7 widgets and cannot be placed on the desktop.

New Microsoft Store

Microsoft has completely overhauled the Microsoft Store. The new Microsoft Store is much faster, cleaner, and more spacious than the old one. Now you will also be able to watch shows and movies on the store.

Microsoft Store in Windows 11
Microsoft Store

What's more, Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows for the first time. That is, we will be able to run Android apps on PC also. These apps will be available through the Amazon App Store. Read Also- How To Write In Hindi Language On Computer

Apps like Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Netflix, Disney +, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, etc. can be found on the new Microsoft Store.

Some More Features

  • Windows 11 has better support for touch, pen, and voice. For example, when we are using touch, the space between the icons will increase, so that we can tap easily.
  • It has been specially optimized for touch. The new gestures, haptic, and onscreen keyboard are just perfect.
  • Microsoft Teams, which was previously part of the Office package, has been added to Windows. With this we can chat, voice call, and video call, and it will work on Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Apart from the Microsoft Store, the Settings app and Search feature have also been redesigned to make things easier to find.

Some small, some big features have been added in Windows 11. Its new start menu, Microsoft Store, snap layouts are really cool. I really like the new Windows—and it looks to compete with MacOS X Monterey.

Windows 11 release date
Windows 11

The answer is already too long, so other things related to Windows 11 (like - what are the specifications of the PC to run it, will it be available for free etc.) in another answer.

Note:- All images included in the answer are courtesy of Microsoft.

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