List of costliest phone in the world 2021, Most expensive phone 2021

In the world, the well-known smartphone maker companies continue to present a great smartphone. Many phones are present from the budget to the premiere segments. Even if these smartphones do not have 80,000 or 90,000. But these are not the most expensive phones. Let us know that if the most expensive phones in the world, then in the minds of people Apple iPhone and Samsung's smartphones come. But let's say that there are many such smartphones that are quite expensive. At this time the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is expensive from Rs 1 lakh in the market. At the same time, the top phone of the iPhone 12 Series is also close to Rs. 1.25 lakh.

costliest phone in India 2021
Costliest phone in the world

Apart from all these smartphones, there are many such phones in the world that are quite expensive. Today we are telling about some of the world's most expensive smartphones.

List of most expensive phone 2021

Caviar iPhone 12 PRO PURE GOLD:

It is one of the world's most expensive smartphones. Caviar iPhone 12 Pro's only 7 units have been prepared. If the price is talked, the price of this smartphone is $ 122,000, that is, according to Indian currency, 91 lakh rupees. At the same time, if this phone is ordered in India, then it will be more expensive due to tax and other dates. This phone is covered with Diamond with 18 Carot Gold, which also decides the price of this phone. At the same time, the internal hardware of this phone is similar to the normal iPhone 12 Pro. If you want luxury feels with latest technology then this phone is the best option. However, buy this phone can prove to be quite expensive.

Galaxy S21 Ultra:

The second expensive smartphone Launched by Caviar is Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Caviar Edition. High-End Smartphone was introduced in 5 luxury variants, which comes with Gold, Diamond, Titanium and Pure Leather. Samsung S21 Ultra Gold OX is the most expensive and Lavish smartphone that has been prepared in 5 variants. This luxury smartphone Samsung S21 Ultra's rear has been prepared from titanium. Together gold has been given 3 dimensional heads. Apart from this, there are two diamonds in the rear, which it looks great. In the market, the price of 128GB variants of this phone is $ 20,000, that is 14.5 lakh rupees according to the Indian currency.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone:

One of the most expensive smartphones in the world is Diamond Crypto smartphone. This smartphone has been built by Austria Jeweler Peter Alison and Firm JSC Ancort of Russia. It is equipped with 50 diamonds on the smartphone edges that look like Nokia Classic E51. There are 5 blue diamonds on this per edge. This phone's body is of Platinum. Its navigation and 18 carat gold have been given in the logo. This phone has been high level encryption feature. This phone was specially designed for Russia's Tycoon, which pay great attention to safety. If the price is talked, the price of this smartphone is about 9.3 million rupees.

Goldvish Le Million:

Goldvish Le Million is also included in the world's most expensive smartphone. This smartphone has prepared the Swedish company Goldwish. This is a super expensive phone. In 2006, this smartphone was considered as the world's most expensive phone by Guinness. The company has prepared only 3 units of this smartphone. The person buying this smartphone would have been rich. The body of this smartphone has been prepared from 18 carat gold and 1,20000 diamond pieces. Apart from this it is equipped with Leather Back. If the price is talked then the price of this smartphone is Rs 7.7 crore.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is one of the world's most expensive smartphones. The company has been prepared only 3 Limited Edition unit of this smartphone. Black Diamonds of 45.5 Carat have been given in this smartphone. 180 grams of gold has been installed in this smartphone body. The 200-year-old African Blackwood has been imposed in the rear of this smartphone. The buttons of this smartphone have been prepared from Sapphire, which have been considered very carefully and have been designed. Each of which has been carefully polished and the laser has been finely prepared. There are 32 carats of Sapphire. If the price is talked then the price of this smartphone is Rs 7.1 crore.

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