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You can also be one of those who want to enjoy iOS in their android phone, then this post is for you. You should thank Android's easily customization interface which gives you freedom to install any launcher, you can also use these launchers with gesture support. Apart from this, you will find many such apps on the Google Play Store that can give you an iOS-like look by customizing your phone's home screen.

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You can change your phone's home screen and UI using the launcher. Apart from this, there are many such theme packs and icon packs available with the help of which you can get a look like iOS. Without wasting time, let us tell you how you can make your android phone look like iOS.

3 Best Apps to Get iOS-Like Experience on Android

1. Launcher iOS 14

There are many new features in iOS 14, out of which privacy features are very important. To enjoy this kind of fun, you can install Launcher iOS 14, which will change the screen of your android phone itself. By default, the dock supports 4 apps and most of the icons resemble iOS 14. On long-pressing the menu, you will also get to see the jiggle effect.

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Swiping to the right will give you a widget area in which you can add and remove widgets. The developers have done a very good job and you will be surprised to see that now your phone has started looking exactly like iOS. Swiping from below will get Control Center which works very well.

All the icons are shown on the home screen itself, and on tapping on any folder, you will get to see the familiar pop-up. This app supports ads. These ads always keep coming whenever you tap on any settings, this experience does not look good and this is the most down side of this app.

2. iOS 11 Style

You may not need all the features of iOS, it may also be that you like the functions of your home screen but you want to change its look. In this condition you must check the icons pack once and in this also iOS Style first. The biggest advantage of using Icons pack is that you can change the icons of your phone's app like iOS and that too with your favorite launcher. Just install the icons pack on your phone and you are ready to enjoy iOS.

By default it supports all launchers except Microsoft Launcher. This app supports ads which you can also remove by going to in-app purchase, all this is mentioned in Play Store.

3. Control Center iOS 14

I didn't discuss much about Control Center in the last apps because it was very limited, and there was no way to toggle options like in iOS 14. All this is possible in this app and you can also control Control Center according to you. It looks and works just like iOS and you will be able to enable and disable the features very easily.

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It is to be remembered that you will have to disable the navigation menu buttons which are at the bottom of the screen because if you do not come, they will conflict with the newly added Control Center. If you want to keep both, you will need a lot of practice.

The developers of Launcher iOS 14 have created Control Center iOS 14 and it also has the same problem as Launcher iOS 14, ie ads, and you do not have the option to remove these ads.

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