WhatsApp Trick: How To Send private message in WhatsApp group

WhatsApp Trick: WhatsApp is a great messaging app and there are millions of users here, so you also definitely use WhatsApp. But it also has some features that not many people are aware of. Today we are going to tell you that if you are also in a WhatsApp group and you want to privately message the person who has messaged in the group, then how can you do it.

how to reply to a specific message on WhatsApp group chat
How to send private message in WhatsApp group

Although you can message by searching that contact, but the way we are going to tell is to send message directly from the same group to that person in private, and for this you will not have to do any extra effort. So let's know this WhatsApp Trick. Read Also- How to restore chat history in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Trick: Send private message to any one in WhatsApp group, this is a great trick

below we have told 4 steps to try this trick, you can also see this trick by following it.

Step 1 - First of all, open the WhatsApp app on your phone.

Step 2 - After this choose a group in which you are also involved.

Step 3 - After selecting the group, you will see a lot of messages and out of this, by tapping on the message to whomever you want to message privately, as above three dots will appear on the right side there is a option of Reply Privately. Read Also- How to create WhatsApp account without phone number

Step 4 - You have to click on reply privately, as soon as we click on that person's WhatsApp will open, although it will also send the message that that person did in that group.

By clicking on X, you can remove it. But if you want to ask something private about the same message from that person, then you can ask without deleting. So did you already know this trick of WhatsApp, if yes then tell us in the comment.

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