How long does it take for a blog to rank in Google?

Today's post will prove to be beneficial for many people because in today's post I will tell you how much time it takes to rank a blog or website in Google.

This question has been asked many times that how long can it take for a blog or website to rank in Google. Then I thought why not write a blog post on this topic. And for this reason I am going to share today's post with you and I hope that by reading this post today you will know that how much time does it take for a blog or website to rank in Google. Read Also- What is Blogging: Step by step guide to start a blog

In today's post I will tell you how much time or time it takes to rank a blog or website in Google.
How long does it take for a blog to rank in Google

Friends, many bloggers create their blog and write posts in it, they target keywords in their blog and then wait when their blog will rank in Google for their keywords.

Let's start this post today without wasting much time friends.

How much time does it take to rank a blog or website in Google?

Friends, if I tell the truth, then no one can tell you about this exact time because Google works on algorithms and it is a machine.

Altogether more than 200 factors are present in the Google algorithm and when Google feels that any blog or website meets all these 200 factors, only then it ranks a blog or website in Google.

Look friends, you know that to come to the first page in Google, you have to do SEO and SEO includes on page SEO and off page SEO.

If you do on page SEO and off page SEO of your blog or website in a perfect way, then your chances increase more to come in the top position of Google.

And if you do not do on page SEO or off page SEO properly, then you may take a lot of time and your blog or website may not be able to rank in Google.

I have also seen that many bloggers and webmasters focus more on only off page SEO which includes backlinks and ignore on page SEO and if you are also making such mistake then you should not do it at all.

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Friends, you have to focus on both on page SEO and off page SEO and keep in mind that if your blog or website meets both, then you will be able to rank your site quickly in Google.

Many new bloggers and website owners asked me how many backlinks are needed to rank in Google.

Friends, I want to say again that yes Google gives importance to backlinks, but it means that it is completely new that you only need more and more backlinks.

I have also seen that many new bloggers and website owners focus only on making backlinks and in this affair they make many low quality backlinks, due to which their blog or website is penalized by Google.

Google had released penguin update to target the low quality sites which were sitting on top due to low quality backlinks and many blog sites got penalized due to this update and their ranking fell overnight

I do not say that you should not build backlinks, of course you can, but keep one thing in my mind that you have to focus only on making high quality backlinks and do not fall in the trap of low quality backlinks.

Because your blog or website will lose its ranking anytime and Google detects it and all your hard work will be drowned in water.

That's why I would tell you that you only think about earning high quality backlinks and for this you can do guest blogging on sites related to your blog or website and this is the best way to create high quality backlinks.

After this I would like to tell you that you have to publish only high quality content on your blog or website because Google only ranks blogs or websites with high quality content.

I have seen many bloggers publish low quality content on their blog or website and then later complain that Google is not ranking their blog or website.

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Friends, Google wants to provide the best content to the readers and if you publish low quality content then you will not be able to get a good ranking in Google, this is my guarantee from you.

In past years, you could easily rank in Google by spamming keywords on low quality content and creating some low quality backlinks, but now this does not happen at all.

Because Google has become very smart day by day and it can identify high quality content and SEO optimized blog or website well and it is not possible to fool Google.

Friends, I ask you one thing, you must be using Google and assume that you have to get some important information from Google and if you find something wrong.

In the same way, you also show about your readers and users. When you have to download a song and you search in Google and land in a website and as soon as you click on the link to download the song, then many pop ups open how do you feel at that time.

Google always wants a good user experience because it is their business and they do not tolerate negligence in it. Suppose you have a shop and you are selling low quality salmon in it, will the customers come to your shop?

Ask yourself this question and see otherwise, how will Google spoil your business by showing low quality and spam sites?

Friends, it is absolutely possible to rank in Google, if you make your blog or website SEO friendly and publish high quality content in it and do not do spamming at all, then no one can stop you from ranking in Google and you will be in Google. It will take very less time to rank

Friends, everyone wants their blog or website to be shown on the first page of Google as soon as possible so that they can make more money and business, but if you ignore what I have told, then you will never get success and you will not get success in Google. You will fail to bring the blog or website to the top position.

If you want to rank for low competition keywords then you will take less time and if you are targeting high competition keywords then you will take more time

No one knows how much it will cost, neither I nor the world's biggest blogger, it all depends on the Google algorithm. But I will definitely tell you one thing that if you follow everything I have mentioned correctly then you will not have much problem in ranking your blog or website in Google and you will soon get a lot of traffic and business from Google.

So friends, this was how much time or time it takes to rank a blog or website in Google and I hope that today's post will clear all your doubts.

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If you have any doubt or question in your mind then you can ask me through comments and I will answer your every question as soon as possible. happy blogging friends.

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