After all, where does Google get the answer to every question? Know full details here

Whenever any question comes in our mind, we go straight to Google and start searching. After which the answer to that question and many other information related to it becomes open in front of us. That is, with just one click, you get the answer to your every question so easily. In such a situation, Google has made our life really easy. But have you thought that from where the answer to our every question comes from Google. Google answers these questions on its own or copy paste from somewhere? Here we are going to tell about this interesting thing. Read Also- Google products you use in daily life

Google transmits the correct information to you in such a way that :-


When you search for a question on Google, Google first checks what is available on the web pages. For this, Google crawls the pages and keeps adding new pages to the index. This process is called Crawling. For this, the Google bot of Web Crawlers is used.

Google has made our life really easy. But have you thought that Google answers these questions on its own or copy paste from somewhere
Google Search

Let us know that Google bot is a web crawlers software. These crawlers find webpages. By finding these web pages, Crawlers follow the links on them. Read Also- Funny, crazy facts about Google

These crawlers collect data from one link to another and bring it to Google's servers.


When the crawlers get a webpage, the company's system checks the content of that page. In addition to page content, it also includes images and videos.

Google also checks that what is the page that has been crawled? This process is similar to the search being done on the browser. In this, many things are taken care of like keywords and the newness of the website, that is, the content should not be copy-pasted. Read Also- How to delete your Google search history

Google's system tracks all the information contained in the search index. Duplicate content is canceled by coming in this step. All this information is stored in the Google Index and a large database is created about it.

Serving Result

Whenever we type to search something on Google, along with our question, we get many answers related to it.

However, it depends on many things. It has the top page rank. In this way, Google gets the answer of every question in front of you in seconds. Apart from this, some internal processors of Google are also used in this.

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