Why do mobile phones have non-removable batteries nowadays?

There is only one reason for battery to be non-removable.

Let me take you to those old times when the battery of every phone was removable. Then you must have heard the news that the battery of this phone exploded. The phone was engaged in charging, while playing the game, the sitting on the phone exploded and the accident happened. But now such news is over. Read Also- 5 Tips To Save Smartphone Battery

What is the reason for the non-removable battery coming in smartphones in the present time,whereas in earlier smartphones the battery could be removed
Why do mobile phones have non-removable batteries nowadays?

The phone's battery used to explode at that time. News was also published in the newspaper. Due to which the rating of the company of that phone was downgraded. Because when the original battery of the phone got damaged then people used to put local battery in it. Due to which there used to be more chances of exploding the battery and now it does not happen because now if the battery is damaged then one has to go to the customer care to get it changed and the original battery is available there, due to which the chances of the battery exploding are very less. Read Also- If Your Phone Is Charging Slow, Then Follow These Amazing Tip

The company uses non-removable battery so that people do not install any local battery and if the battery gets damaged then people will use the service provided by that company, due to which its name and branding will be saved.

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