Google Covid Card will make work easier, You do not need to carry Vaccination Certificate

Google Covid Card: In the new era of Covid, now people will have to show their Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate to travel anywhere. Now you will not need to carry a certificate to show your vaccination status. Actually, users will be able to get their own digital vaccine card made for Google.

Android users can store and access a digital copy of their COVID-19 vaccination and test certificates through a dedicated card. It has been named as Covid Card.
Google Covid Card

Google recently updated built-in Passes API. So that Android users can store and access a digital copy of their COVID-19 vaccination and test certificates through a dedicated card. It has been named as Covid Card.  Read Also- People Who Do Not Operate Smartphones And Computers Can Register For Vaccine Like This

App will not be needed to store Covid Card

According to the information, this facility will be started in most of the US. After which this service will be gradually expanded to other countries. Users will not need to install any special app to store or access the digital card on their device. However, government agencies, health care organizations, and public health authorities authorized to distribute and test COVID-19 vaccines can use Google's Passes API to enable users with digital versions of vaccination certificates. Read Also- Beware Of Links With Free Corona Vaccine, Hackers Sending Messages

Information related to vaccination will be available on Covid Card

As for vaccinations, your COVID card will show information about when you were vaccinated and which vaccines you received, according to the Google page. The card can be saved to your health care provider's app or website, as well as to a text or email sent to you. Read Also- How To Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Online?

Process to access Covid Card

Once the card is stored on your device, you can find it by going to Settings > Google > Account Services > Google Pay. You can also add a shortcut icon to your device's home screen once the card is available in Google Pay settings. If you have the Google Pay app installed on your device, you can find the COVID card by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Read Also- How To Find The Nearest COVID-19 Vaccine Center From WhatsApp?

Google has enabled the new experience by updating its Passes API. However, Google Pay is not mandatory for those users who want to use only the COVID card on their device.

Google said that since the COVID card will be saved on your Android device and not on the cloud, it will show information even when you are offline or in places with weak internet connectivity. Read Also- Do Not Share Your Vaccination Certificate On Social Media, Know The Loss

How to correct wrong details on Covid Card

It is important to note that the information on the COVID card will be based on information provided directly by government agencies, healthcare organizations and public health care authorities. If you believe that there is something wrong with the details displayed on the Virtual Card or if you have any query regarding the details available on the Virtual Card, you must contact your Healthcare Provider directly.

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