What is the biggest drawback of Redmi phone?

There is no doubt that the Redmi phone falls into the number one selling category in India. It may be one of the first choice of middle class people but it has some drawbacks that people avoids from taking it. As far as I am concerned these defects are something like this.

mi phone disadvantages
Xiaomi is good or bad

What are the disadvantages of Redmi phones?


You often face advertisements while using this phone.

You keep doing something and suddenly the ad will appear on your screen. That too inside the main function of the phone.


We all know that Redmi is a Chinese company. All your data is owned by the company. The company can use it whenever it wants.

That's why today's youth, business men etc. avoids from taking it. Read Also- Why Chinese phones are cheap

Too many unnecessary apps

Yes, maybe in today's time Redmi is the only company in which so many unnecessary apps come that you will keep something or else the phone seems full.

Glad we can at least uninstall some of these now.


This could be a problem with me. Even though Redmi is giving 108 megapixel camera but its quality is less than the rest of the phone.

However, now the impressive camera has started coming in a slightly expensive phone. Read Also- How much RAM does a phone need

Using the old display

Where the rest of the company is using Super AMOLED or OLED technology, Redmi is still stuck on LCD.

It has less picture quality than other phones. However, now expensive phones have started using AMOLED screens.

Another problem/spoof for me

Its UI

Today's youth need phone absolutely clean or Android One UI. Apart from this, almost all the companies like OnePlus, Nokia or Motorola are using it and people are also looking good.

Some of its phone models have more heating issues, due to which people are disillusioned with buying it again. Read Also- What is meant by the information given on the mobile charger

There is one more problem and that is-

Its service

If something goes wrong, you have to face more problems at the Redmi Service Center. Even if your phone is under warranty.

May have to stay for a little longer (more days), due to which people avoids from taking it.

For example, we keep electronic items in the house such as AC, Freeze, LED etc. Samsung or a company whose service is good in the first place.  Read Also- 5 reasons to not buy a 5G phone in India

Now it is not such a thing (don't think) that Redmi phone comes bad or should not be taken, its merits are also great. That's why this company is differ from others.

Note :- This information is my own opinion. I am not targeting any one company here.

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