Now MI's smartphone will be charged only by voice

Xiaomi company always brings different features in the smartphone keeping in mind the needs of its customers. This is why consumers also prefer Xiaomi's smartphones. So now this popular company has done another feat. The technology company has discovered that only sound can charge smartphones and other gadgets. Read Also- Xiaomi launches Mi 11 Lite, starting price Rs 20,499

Xiaomi Sound Charge: Xiaomi has filed a patent with CNIPA for a sound charger that will charge smartphones via voice.
Xiaomi new voice charging tech

Xiaomi has filed a patent with China National Intellectual Property Administration for this technology. This technology converts sound vibrations into alternative current. The smartphone is then converted into alternative current DC power and charged. This technology uses energy storage mechanisms. Read Also- Alert! If You Have These 8 Apps In Your Smartphone, Delete Them Immediately

Xiaomi had previously invented a similar technology. This technology was called Mi Air Charge. Millimetre waves reach the smartphone through Mi Air Charge technology and these waves are converted into electric power to charge the phone. Read Also- Samsung Galaxy M32 With 6000mAh Battery And Best-In-Class Display Launched In India

Meanwhile, the technology currently introduced by Xiaomi has not been commercially introduced to the world. Since the company filed this patent, many people have been eagerly awaiting smartphones that only charge by voice. It will be important to see when the mobiles of this hefty charging system will come in the market.

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