WhatsApp Voice Calls Now Available on Jio Phone and Other KaiOS Based Feature Phones

Facebook's instant messaging app WhatsApp is a great medium to stay connected with each other, this voice calling feature has been available for smartphone users for many years and now finally feature phone users will also be able to enjoy this special feature of WhatsApp.

This new feature works on Voice over Internet Protocol ie VoIP technology and to use this feature (WhatsApp calls) it is necessary to have active Wi-Fi or mobile data.

WhatsApp voice calling feature works on Voice over Internet (VoIP) technology. For WhatsApp voice calling, JioPhone users should have active WiFi or mobile internet facility in their phones.
WhatsApp Calling for JioPhone

For the information of you people, let us tell you that the WhatsApp voice calling feature has been made available for Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 users and all other feature phones based on KaiOS. WhatsApp said that the voice calling facility through WhatsApp is now available to millions of smart feature phone users globally.

To remind you that WhatsApp for Jio Phone was launched in 2018 but for other feature phones based on KaiOS it was given in 2019.

Jio Phone WhatsApp Voice Calls

This is how you will be able to use

JioPhone or other feature phone users working on KaiOS will have to download the latest version 2.2110.41 of WhatsApp. After this, to enable this feature, users will be able to use voice calling in any chat thread by going to the option of WhatsApp. Users will also be able to use WhatsApp voice calling like a normal voice call.

This update of KaiOS has been rolled out for those 4G feature phones, which have 512MB of RAM. Apart from JioPhone, users will get the benefit of WhatsApp voice calling in Nokia 8110.

The WhatsApp video calling feature is currently not rolled out for JioPhone and other KaiOS-running feature phones. Users will have to wait longer for this.

Users can also attend WhatsApp voice calls in the same way as you attend other normal calls in Jio phone. But one thing to note here is that your phone must have an active mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to make or receive calls.

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