what is mouse and what are types of mouse

Most of us must be using computers, but do you know what is a mouse and how many types of mouse are there. If you must be using a computer, then you must have used a mouse, but do you know what is mouse in computer and how does this mouse work?

Despite all other devices like monitor, keyboard, speaker, mouse has its own status, it controls everything on the screen in a way. So why not learn about its different types of computer mouse before buying it.

We all know that we are surrounded by technology from all around. All the work we are using in everyday work is related to technology in some way or the other. This technology not only makes our work easy but also quicker, which saves us a lot of time.

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What is a Mouse

Do you know what is the most important thing to operate a computer? If you have thought about Mouse then you have guessed right. Because all the activities happening in the computer screen are controlled by the mouse.

At the same time it is also very important to know what are the different types of mouse? If seen, there are many types of mouse and they are used according to our need. Read Also- How to write in Hindi language in computer

So today we will get information about the type of mouse in this post. Then what is the delay, let's start and know what this mouse is and what it does.

What is a Mouse

Mouse is a hardware, mouse is also known as Pointing Device. Which is used to input data into the computer. The pointer is controlled through the mouse, which is used to open, close, drag and drop files, folders, images etc.

With the advent of GUI (Graphic User Interface), the use of mouse has increased a lot because it is very difficult to work without a mouse in the window operating system. Using a mouse makes it easy to operate the computer. You cannot even imagine working on a computer without it.

A simple old mouse usually has three buttons in which a rubber ball is placed at the bottom, moving the mouse on a flat surface rotates the rubber ball so that the pointer moves on the computer screen, the button on the mouse is moved to Right Click and Left click and there would be a wheel in between the two buttons.

Who was the father of computer mouse?

Mouse is originally called X-Y Position Indicator which is used in Display System. Mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963, Who used to work in Xerox PARC at that time. It became so famous at that time that today you can see this pointing device in all computers. Read Also- What is Window 10S mode

Alternative name of mouse

Mouse is also called as "Pointer".

What is the full form of a mouse?

The full form of Mouse is Manually Operated Utility For Selecting Equipment.

Parts of Mouse

Many types of parts are used to make a mouse. With the help of which the computer mouse works. So let's know what happens to a mouse?


All types of mouses used today have two buttons. Left and Right buttons. Which we also know by the name of left click and right click. Both the buttons have different functions.


All types of mice have a wheel in between the two buttons, which is used for scrolling.

Ball and LED

In mechanical mouse, rubber trackballs were used to move the cursor. LEDs are used in optical mouse.

Cable or Wireless Receiver

In today's time we use optical mouse in which two types of versions come. In the first version, the mouse has a USB cable. Through which the mouse is connected to the computer.

In other types of mouse, instead of cable, a wireless receiver is installed which is installed in the computer and the transmitter is already inside the mouse.

Design of a basic PC mouse

If you use PC then you must have used mouse. You will find this mouse in the right or left direction of your keyboard.

It needs some space to operate properly. Here I will give you information about the basic parts of a mouse below:

    Left (main) button: This left button comes under the index finger of your right hand which is the most main button. This button is used the most.

    Wheel button: It is also called center or wheel, you can use this button like pressing left and right buttons. This is mainly done to roll up or down the screen.

    Right button: We use this right button for special operations, apart from right-clicking it pops up the shortcut or context menu.

    Mouse body: Mouse is the size of a soap. You give the weight of your palm on this mouse body and use the mouse buttons using your fingers.

    Special buttons: Apart from this, there are many other special buttons in the mouse, which are used for Internet navigation and other specific functions.

What is the touchpad of a mouse called?

The touchpad of the mouse is called trackpad, glide pad, glide point etc.

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What is Touchpad?

Touchpad is a type of input device in laptops and some keyboards. It allows the user to move the cursor with the help of his fingers. They can also be used in place of external mouse.

Different forms of Mouse Pointer/Cursor and their meaning

Now, we are familiar with Mouse. But have you thought one thing that how do we recognize the mouse on the computer screen?

Come on, let's try to figure it out too.

Actually, Mouse is a Pointer Device, you have already known it. According to its name, Mouse uses some shapes to point towards the item on the computer screen, which is called Mouse Pointer.

You know Mouse Pointer as Cursor. It also keeps changing its form according to its position on the computer screen. In which position the pointers change their form, it is explained in detail below.

Different forms of Mouse Pointer/Cursor and their meaning
Types of Cursor/ Pointer

What is the use of mouse?

Now you have come to know about what is a mouse. Now we will tell you about its use, what work you can do with the mouse on your desktop.

Moving the Pointer – This is the most important function of the mouse. By which the mouse moves the cursor on the screen.

Selecting – Mouse is used to select files, text etc.

Opening – Through the mouse, we are used to open files, folders, icons etc.

Drag and Drop – Using this we can drag and drop icons, files etc very easily.

Hover – Using the mouse, we can hover over the object, if we move the cursor over any object, then the information related to it starts showing. For example, when we move the pointer over a link, you start seeing information related to the link.

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Scroll – We can scroll the page with the wheel installed in the middle of the mouse, scroll means that we can move the page up and down.

Single Click – You can select the file by clicking the left button of the mouse once.

Double Click – You can open the file by clicking the left button twice on a file quickly.

Triple Click – On a paragraph, it can be selected by clicking the left button three times quickly.

Right Click – Right button of the mouse shows the list of work to be done with a file.

Types of Mouse

You will find many types of mouse in the market, you can buy mouse for yourself according to your convenience, but when the computer mouse was invented, it was not like this, it had many flaws, which were gradually improved. During this, many forms of mouse were developed. About which we will tell you.

So let's start:-

  • • Mechanical Mouse
  • • Optomechanical Mouse
  • • Optical Mouse
  • • Wireless Mouse
  • • Stylus Mouse

1. Mechanical Mouse

This mouse was invented by Bill English in the year 1972. Rubber ball is used in this type of mouse. When the mouse is moved on a flat place, the rubber ball rotates the wheel inside, due to which the mechanical sensor sends a signal to the computer and the pointer moves on the computer screen according to the signals.

Mechanical mouse had a lot of problem. These had to be corrected time and again and the rubber hair used to get stuck many times. Which made it very difficult to work.

2. Optomechanical Mouse

The Optomechanical Mouse was made better than the Mechanical Mouse. In this optical sensor was used in place of mechanical sensor and LED light was also used along with it, these mouse worked better than mechanical mice.

3. Optical Mouse

Optical mouse is a very advanced mouse, which we use in our computer today, in this mouse LED light has been used along with the use of optical sensor. which works perfectly.

When the mouse is moved, the LED light starts flashing and the pointer starts moving on the screen. With the buttons present in it, we give instructions to the computer. Advance technology has been used in these mouse, due to which they are less spoiled. PS/2 and USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports are used to connect them to the computer.

4. Wireless Mouse

It is also a kind of optical mouse. Wire is not used to connect them to the computer. These mouse are wireless. Radio frequency (RF) and Bluetooth technology are used to connect them to the computer.

Transmitter and receiver are required to use them. The transmitter is already inside the mouse. As a receiver, we get a device with a USB port. Which has to be connected to the computer.

5. Stylus Mouse

This mouse is like a pen. Which we use on Touchscreen Devices. The wheel is used in such mouse which moves the pointer or cursor on the computer by running it on the screen.

How do Mouses Work?

This thing must have come in the mind of all of us that how do these mouse work. So let's clear your doubts too.

How Ball Computer Mouse Works

As we roll our ball mouse above our desk, the ball below also begins to roll with its weight and pushes it forward with two plastic rollers which are linked with thin wheels.

One of these two wheels detects movements in the up-and-down direction (such as the y-axis on a graph/chart paper); Whereas the second wheel would detect side-to-side movements (such as the x-axis on a graph/chart paper) movements.

Now the question arises that how do these wheels measure your hand movements? As you move the mouse, the ball moves the rollers, so one or both wheels rotate.

If you move the mouse straight up, only the y-axis wheel will turn; Similarly if you move it to the right then only the x-axis wheel will turn. In the same way, the angle in which you move the mouse, in the same way, the ball will also move both the wheels simultaneously.

Along with this, a small minded thing has also been used. Both the wheels are made of plastic spokes and as it turns, those spokes repeatedly break a light beam.

The more the wheel turns, the more that beam will also be broken. That's why it has to be counted how many times that beam broke, it is to measure exactly how much that wheel has turned and how much you have moved the mouse.

It does a microchip located inside the counting and measuring mouse, which sends all the details to the computer via cable. The software that is in your computer moves the cursor according to this data as per the requirement in the screen.

Disadvantages of Ball Mouse

This mouse also has many problems. As it doesn't work on all surfaces. That's why it needs a special mouse mat.

Even with this, even if you have a mat, the rubber ball and its rollers gradually become dirty due to which the x- and y-axis wheels move around again and again.

That's why they should always be kept clean. Another option is also that you use optical mouse.

How optical mouse works

An optical mouse works in a completely different way. In this, an LED is installed behind the mouse, which shines above the desk.

This light bounces back straight over the backup off desk where there is a photocell (photoelectric cell), which is also mounted under the mouse, and which is located at a very short distance from the LED. .

This photocell has a lens in front of it which magnifies this reflected light, so that the mouse accurately marks your hand movements.

As you move the mouse over the desk, the pattern of the reflected light also changes and the chip inside the mouse figures out how your hands are moving.

Some optical mouse also have two LEDs. The one who shines on the desk and knows the movement. The second one is installed in the back of the mouse and it shows whether the mouse is working or not. The rest of these mouse also work in the same way.

Disadvantages of Optical Mouse

Although this optical mouse is much better than the earlier ball mouse, but it also has some flaws as it is connected to the computer through a wire.

To operate with this, something is needed in its base so that it can work well with light reflection. And you cannot work it remotely because it is more than a wire. Due to this, the usefulness of the wireless mouse increases.

How Wireless Mouse Works

Here there is not much difference in the operation of this wireless mouse as compared to optical mouse. They also detect movements in the same way as optical mouse do.

The only difference here is in the medium of sending the data to the computer. Here, instead of USB cable, there is a transfer of data through a wireless connection.

Here the power needed to operate the mouse comes from the external battery. All the operations of the rest of the mouse are similar to that of the optical mouse.

Disadvantages of Wireless Mouse

The main disadvantage of this is that external batteries are required to operate it.

On the other hand, if the battery suddenly runs out, then the user has a lot of trouble for the mouse. Along with this, it is also quite heavy due to the presence of battery. Apart from this, it is also the most expensive.

Future of mouse

As advancement in technology is taking place, so the mouse is also included in this line. Where earlier we used to use ball mouse, now wireless mouse is used.

Gradually, the use of more mouse may also stop because with the increase of AI (Artificial Intelligence), now more demand for voice commands has increased.

People need more facilities, they do not want to use their hands to do any work. In such a situation, the day is not far when the mouse will remain according to just an ancient device.

But there is still time for that to happen. Let's see what new things the future is going to bring for us..

What did you learn today?

I have full hope that I have told you what is a mouse and how many types are they? Gave complete information about the mouse and I hope you people have understood about the full name of the mouse.

I request all of you readers that you also share this information in your neighborhood, relatives, your friends, so that there will be awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it.

I need your cooperation so that I can pass more new information to you guys.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubts of any kind, then you can feel free to ask me.

I will definitely try to solve those doubts. How did you like this article Mouse Full Form and Types of Mouse, do tell us by writing a comment so that we too get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something.

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