What is Click Through Rate (CTR) and how to increase it

If you are a blogger, then a question must be coming in your mind that what is CTR, how to increase CTR? Through CTR, we get to know how much people are liking our post title ranking in search engines.

What is CTR

CTR full form i.e. CTR stands for Click Through Rate, this means that how many people appeared in your website in the search engine and how many of them visited your site by clicking on it. Read Also- What is Page Rank

If CTR is understood in simple language, then for example when you search a keyword in Google, then whatever result comes below is the title and description of the website and after reading the same title and description, people click on it and go to that website.

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What is CTR

So when you searched by entering a keyword in the search engine and all the results that came below appeared in front of you, and this is called impression i.e. those websites got an impression by you and by doing this if 100 people search in the search engine And if your website shows in front of them then you got 100 impressions for your website.

But how many clicked on it? If 5 people out of 100 people clicked and went to your website, then that means that the CTR of your website has become 5 percent. And in such a situation, the click rate according to the impression is called CTR.

When you write a post and do not make its title attractive and when it ranks in the search engine then it is visible in front of the people but no one clicks on it then it increases the impression of your website but not the CTR grows. Read Also- How to earn money by creating micro niche blog

If the CTR of your website is showing 5 percent, then it means that your website ranking in the search engine has been seen by 100 people but out of that only 5 people have clicked and visited your site. We have learned what is website CTR, now we will learn to check CTR.

How to check CTR?

The best tool to check website CTR or Click Through Rate is from Google, whose name is Google search console and I hope you must be using it too.

In google search console we can check how much impression our webpages are getting in search engine and how much CTR is being made accordingly.

To check website CTR, first you open this page by clicking on this link google search console. After opening, here you have to click on start now below.

What is ctr
Why is CTR important

If you have the same email active in your mobile or computer's browser as the email with which you created the account in Search Console, then by clicking on start now you will come to your search console account.

Now here you will see an overview of your website, to check CTR, there are some options in the left side in which you have to click on the performance.

ctr formula
What is CTR

As you click on performance, you will start seeing the result on the screen of your mobile or computer, in which the first number will be total clicks, the second number total impression, the third number, the average CTR, the fourth number, the average position will appear.

click-through rate meaning
What is good CTR

In our case the total impressions in the picture shown above is a more than nine thousand i.e. our website's post has been shown in front of nine thousand people, clicks are showing 155 i.e. 155 people have clicked out of nine thousand people. Therefore, its average CTR became 1.7 percent.

And showing the average position in the last i.e. some of the posts of my website are ranking on the fifth-sixth number in the search engine and some of the posts are 40-50 numbers and the average position of all is showing 42.8.  Read Also- How to place AdSense ads on Blogger Blog

With the help of this Google tool, you can check the complete performance of your website, see which of your keywords are ranking at how many positions and also solve the errors coming to your website from here.

How to Increase Website CTR?

To increase website CTR, you should make the title of your post attractive, so that if someone does some search in the search engine and if you see the title of your website there, then click on it.

But at the same time the point to note is that your post should also be completely knowledgeable, when someone visits your post, read that post, go from page to page, comment in your post, to that person. The answer to his question will be found by reading your post.

Because if you will attract only the title and do not give some information properly inside the post, then the one who clicks on your site will be returned immediately and if the activity of this method is high, then your page will be down in the search engine. will be gone.

Only the title and description of your post are visible in the search engine, then both these things should be written in such a way that people can read and know that what you have tried to tell in your entire post, what kind of information have been given. Now after what is Website CTR, we will know about the effects of decreasing CTR.

What is the bad effect on the website if the CTR is low?

When your website CTR starts decreasing at all, then your pages also become less visible in the search engines. Google shows your web pages in front of people in the search engine, but when people do not click on it, then Google feels that now someone else's website should be shown in front of people in your place because no one visits your site. Read Also- What is AMP | Advantages and Disadvantages of AMP

If you use Google search console, then you must have noticed that impressions also start decreasing gradually when the website CTR is low because Google also gives more impressions to those pages whose CTR is in average and not too much and less. Not too much.

Create Good Titles and Snippets in Search Results

After what the website CTR is, you know about the title, but it shows in the search engine like Snippets description and Google takes any part of your website according to it.

When a post of your site is shown in the search engine with Snippets, then it is auspicious for your website, in which the clicks are very high.

When you do a keyword search in Google, many times you must have seen that the site which is ranking in the top top, the title of the post of that site and the Snippets Google shows us i.e. that important part of your post which is about your post. I can give complete information.

I searched the title of a post of my website in google, then you can see in the picture shown above the title is visible at the top and then below is a paragraph taken by google from our post and then the name of the website at the bottom and then Title from.

If in this way your pages will sleep in front of the users in the search engine, then the user will get complete information about your post there, what you have written in the post, then he will definitely go to your site by clicking on it.

Google decides whether to show your page in search engine with Snippets feature or normal just title and description, for this you have to write a paragraph in your post in which what you are going to tell in the whole post. .

Write the title giving more information in less words because in the search engine the same part of your title will be visible as it should be in a title, if you have typed too long then the rest of the parts will be cut. Read Also- What is SEO and why its important for your blog

If you use yoast seo plugin or rank math plugin or any other acio plugin, then while writing the post, this plugin will suggest you how many words you have to keep in the title and how many words to keep in the description, enter the words according to the same. If you put more then it will not be of any use, unnecessary words will not appear in the search engine.

For more information related to Title and Snippets, definitely read this suggestion given by Google to create good title and snippets This is a complete information, after reading this, there will be no more questions related to title and snippets in your mind.

And finally

Before increasing the CTR of your website, you have to improve the quality of your post, when the quality of your post will be better and the users stay on your site for a long time, they will benefit from it, only then you should think about increasing the CTR.

We learned here how to increase website CTR, as well as here we also talked about a good title and description. Hope after reading this post you have got the answer of your questions completely.

If you liked this post, what is website CTR, how to increase it, then definitely subscribe to it, and if you still have any question or suggestion related to this post, then do comment below.

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