OnePlus and Oppo merged, know what will be special now

China's popular smartphone company OnePlus and Oppo have merged. After which OnePlus has now become a sub-brand of Oppo. The company's founder and CEO Pete Laun told in a blog post that Oppo and OnePlus will continue to launch great products together. Also, more promptness in older smartphones will help in rolling out software updates. Read Also- Leica Leitz Phone 1 Launched With One Inch Camera Sensor

China's popular smartphone company OnePlus and Oppo have merged. After which Oneplus has now become a sub-brand of Oppo.
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Earlier R&D was merged

Recently, Oppo and OnePlus merged their research and development team. At the same time, taking it forward, both the companies are merging among themselves. Read Also- List of Gift Ideas For Father's Day 2021

What will be the effect on both the smartphone brands

According to the company's statement, the merger of Oppo and OnePlus will not directly affect the smartphone user. However, the company believes that the merger move will prove to be the turning point for Oppo and OnePlus in terms of business. CEO clarified that even after the merger, both the smartphone brands will continue to operate independently and try to launch better smartphones than before. The company believes that after the merger with OPPO, the company will have more resources and we will be able to deliver better products to the user. Also, you will be able to work much faster. A glimpse of this change was seen at the launch of OnePlus 9 series in China, when Oppo's mobile operating system was used instead of Hyderogen OS while launching the new OnePlus 9 series smartphone. Read Also- Itel Launches New 4G Faeture Phone In India, Priced Below Rs 3 Thousand

OnePlus will work independently

Even after this merger, OnePlus will continue to operate independently and the brand name will also continue. But both companies will share resources and teams with each other. Even before this, these companies have been working together. But now it will be officially.

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