Soon 5G Jio phone will be in everyone's pocket at a very low price, Reliance announces the launch

The 5G smartphone market in India has suddenly reached a different level. Initially, 5G was limited to high-end smartphones, but this is not the case this year. Only a few months have passed in this year and we are seeing that many 5G smartphones have been launched. Which comes at a very low price, it can also be said that many mid-range 5G phones have been launched so far this year. Now it can also be clearly seen that no smartphone company wants to let go of this wave of 5G in India.

Jio may offer 5G services in India, Jio Laptop and Jio Phone 5G on June 24
Jio phone 5G

We are seeing that many companies have launched 5G phones and many more companies are considering to bring 5G phones in the market, or are preparing their plans. However, 5G JioPhone is being considered as the most expected mobile phone here. In fact, the way the company has done with its other two JioPhones, it can do the same with it. Let us know what has finally come to the fore about this mobile phone i.e. 5G JioPhone.

Reliance Industries is scheduled to organize the 44th AGM later this month on June 24. As mentioned above, the brand may offer 5G services in India, Jio Laptop and Jio Phone 5G. Recently during a virtual event with select journalists from Asia Pacific region, Sundar Pichai mentioned that Google and Reliance Jio are working together on an affordable smartphone.

Last year, Google bought a 7.7 percent stake in Jio Platforms for Rs 33,737 crore. The company had also entered into a commercial agreement with Jio Platforms to jointly develop an entry-level, affordable smartphone. Now it looks like this agreement is on the way. In a virtual conference with select journalists from Asia Pacific, Pichai said, “We are focused on making an affordable phone. We are committed to making progress on this project and we are working with Jio.”

However, he has not given any information about the launch date of this mobile phone, although no information about its specs and price has been revealed so far from neither Jio nor Google. However, we are seeing that the availability of affordable equipment along with cheap data rates can help make the internet accessible to more people across the country.

Google's investment in Jio Platforms was part of the 'Google for India Digitization Fund' that was announced last year. In July last year, Pichai revealed plans to invest Rs 75,000 crore (USD 10 billion) in India over the next five to seven years to help accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in the country.

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