How to take screenshot in laptop - How to screenshot on windows 7 and upper versions

Friends, nowadays everyone among us knows to work on PC and laptop. We keep needing PC and laptop in our daily life. Many times it happens when we need any kind of display image visible on the screen, in this case screenshot comes to our mind. Taking screenshot in mobile is a child's game and everyone knows that but not everyone knows how to take screenshot on PC or laptop, although it is not a big deal to do this work. If you have reached this post then you must also want to know how to take screenshot in laptop. So let's start. Read Also- What is mouse and what are the types of mouse

how to take screenshot in laptop
How to screenshot on windows

How to screenshot on windows

1. How to take screenshot in laptop without print screen i.e. using snipping tool

Friends, in today's time, most of the people are working on the upper version from Windows 7. This method is not for all those who work on the version below Windows 7. So let's know how to screenshot on windows 7 and upper versions.

  • First click on "Start Button"
  • After that go to "Search" and search "Snipping Tool"
  • Now a pop up box of Snipping Tool will open in front of you
  • Click on the "Arrow" next to "New"
  • Now 4 options will come in front of you which is :-

A. Free-form Snip

B. Rectangular Snip

C. Windows Snip

D. Full-Screen Snip

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A. Free-form Snip

In this mode you can freely take screenshot by moving the mouse from here to there.

B. Rectangular Snip

In this mode, you have to capture the image by making a rectangle with the mouse. Whatever part of the screen you want to capture, keep it inside the rectangle.

C. Windows Snip

In this mode the image of the entire window is captured. Click on the window of whichever window you want to capture the image, your screenshot will be ready.

D. Full-Screen Snip

In this mode you will get full screen image screenshot. Whatever is visible on the screen, it will come in full screenshot.

All the steps written above can be changed in different versions of Windows, for example, in Windows 10, there is an option of Mode next to "New", clicking on which the four options written above come. Read Also- How to write in Hindi language in computers using Google Hindi Input Tools

It was a matter of taking screenshot from Snipping Tool, now we will know how to take screenshot without snipping tool.

How to take screenshot in PC with print screen

Friends, this is the old way of taking screenshot which works in most of all Windows versions. It is also very easy to do it. Whatever you see on the screen is captured in this way. To use it, you just have to press the Print Screen key and paste it in MS-Paint, your screen shot is ready.

Note:- Print Screen key is used differently in every laptop and PC. For example, I have to press Fn + Print Screen key in my keyboard, some keyboards need only to press Print Screen to function, also some keyboards need Alt + Print Screen and some needs Windows + Print Screen combination. You have to see which key combination works in your keyboard. Read Also- Types of internet connections

What you have learned today

Friends, today you learned how to take screenshot in laptop and PC. If you like this post of mine then please share it with your friends. If you have any problem or suggestion then tell in comments.

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