How to find remaining data balance in mobile number?

Since the entry of Reliance Jio in the telecom space, there has been a big consolidation. Data has become absolutely cheap since the entry of Jio. There is tough competition going on among all the telecom companies. Right now most of the people are using two sim in their mobile. In such a situation, there is a lot of trouble in locating the balance, validity and data present in different SIMs. In such a situation, making your problems easy, here we are talking about how you can simply find out the balance, validity in your account. Today we will tell how Airtel, Jio, Vodafone and Idea users can easily check their account validity, balance information in their mobile.

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Sim providers in India

Airtel, Jio, Vodafone and Idea users check your phone's balance data and validity like this

Airtel users

Airtel users can download the My Airtel app on their smartphones to check their account validity and balance. In this app, users can see all the details of their account. With this, users who have not downloaded the My Airtel app on their smartphones can get their account details by dialing the USSD code of Airtel. Airtel users need to dial *123# for their account details. After this you will get information about the balance present in your phone and the incoming and outgoing validity of the phone. Read Also- Tricks to get free internet in India

Jio users

Users using Jio SIM can know their account data, validity and balance from the MyJio app. All this information is visible to the users on the home page of this app. Those users of Jio who use Jio phone or do not use MyJio app in the smartphone. Such users can also get plan information by calling 1299. After calling 1299, a message comes on the phone of the users, in which all the information of their account like – who is using the plan. Users get all the information like validity of the plan and daily data balance. Read Also- How to use Google Maps in phone without internet

Vodafone Users

Users taking Vodafone service in the smartphone can see information like outgoing, incoming validity, data balance, balance of their account from the My Vodafone app. On the home of My Vodafone app, users get to see all the information about their account. Consumers using Vodafone network in feature phones can get information about the balance in their account, outgoing validity of the account and incoming validity through the USSD code. For this, users have to dial *111*2*1# for balance and validity information. Read Also- How to recharge your mobile with the help of Google Search

Idea Users

Customers using Idea's network in smartphones can download the My Idea app on their phones. In this app you can easily find all your account information. Idea users and consumers using Idea network in feature phones can get information about balance, outgoing validity and incoming validity in their account through USSD code by dialing *121#. Users who download the My App of their network also get information about special offers coming in their number from the app. They can also get their number recharged easily from this app.

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