How to find slot in Cowin app

So far crore of people have registered for vaccination on CoWin website, but still crores of people are waiting for the vaccine. The simpler the process, the more hassle people are facing in slot booking. Some users wrote about this on Twitter and told their problem. Let us know what are the problems people are facing in slot booking.

How to find slot in Cowin app
How to get slot in CoWin app

OTP is not coming immediately

People are checking slots at different times for booking slots on For this, they also logins several times a day. In such a situation, if some users get the slot empty, then they are not able to get the OTP on time, due to which that slot gets full and the hard work of some users gets wasted. Many people have spoken about this on Twitter with 'Can't book a slot'. Read Also- How to download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

Slots are visible without login but not after login can search for empty slots even without login on the portal but when you login, those slots do not appear as empty slots. Actually, when we open two tabs in chrome browser and search for empty slots by logging in one while searching empty slots in other without login. An empty slot appeared in the no login tab but that empty slot did not appear in the login tab.

Time taken to fill captcha

The third problem many people are facing is that even if they get the slot, they are not able to fill the captcha soon, due to which their time is wasted and empty slots are also booked. For this, you have to zoom the screen and read the captcha properly and then fill it. Filling the captcha is often a problem even for those people who use less computer or laptop. Read Also- Know the loss of sharing your Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate on Social Media

Having trouble choosing the time

Even if empty slots are found for vaccination on the CoWin portal, there is a problem with the booking of time in it. Actually, time has been divided into some slots, which you will see during the booking, when you select it, some people saw Not Available written on it, while clicking on the second time slot, then Not Available written on it. This results in wastage of time and slots are not booked.

How to find slot in CoWin app

If the slot for vaccination is not available in your district then the solution is available on VaccinateMe, Users can sign up for real-time SMS alerts. Then they will get information about the new slot opening.

This website also sends information to the users through SMS. With this, even those who do not have a smartphone can easily find every information. The platform has been developed by India's leading AI and fitness app Healthifyme. Till now 3 million users in more than 700 districts of the country have got information about notifications and slots with the help of this website. Read Also- How to register for Covid-19 Vaccine without any smartphone or computer

Tushar Vashisht, Founder and CEO, Healthifyme, said, “Vaccination is the best way to stay healthy and fit during the current crisis. It is good to see that more than 3 million users have used The platform is now available in 11 languages ​​and slots are sent through open notification SMS.

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