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Download PikaShow TV App - We all know that this time due to a lockdown, matches, movies, everything can only be watched online and can be seen live on the OTT platform. But to watch sports & entertainment on the OTT platform, you have to buy its subscription and in such a situation everyone wants to invest money, otherwise we have a way for this, you can watch free match 2021 from PikaShow TV App latest version app.

So here is a better way for you and here we will talk about how to PikaShow apk download for android? And watch all your favorite matches for free.

pikashow apk free download
PikaShow APP

With the help of PikaShow App, you will know about how you can watch the match for free, but before that you know that…

What is PikaShow TV?

This is a smartphone app on which Live TV, Movies, OTT Content along with 2021 live matches can also be watched. Like other entertainment & sports apps in Pikashow App, you get to see both Hindi and English content.

The biggest advantage of downloading PikaShow App is that all shows and sports channels are available to be seen live on it and at this time the time of WTC match is going on in England, so people are liking this app the most. Read Also- How to watch Amazon Prime, Netflix and all other OTT platforms content for free with the help of Telegram

As soon as you heard the name of the cricket match, you became impatient, have a little patience, let me tell you how you can download and use it?

How To Download PikaShow Apk?

You may have to pay a separate charge for the sports channel or you can watch any web series and match live only after buying a subscription to the OTT platform. But if you download PikaShow App on mobile then you can watch everything for free.

But there is a disappointing thing for all of you, because of privacy and policy, you will not find it on play store i.e. if you want to download Pikashow then you have to download its apk from any third party website and then manually install it in phone.

Don't worry, I will tell you from where you can download PikaShow APK file but at the same time I want to warn you too. If you download any app from any third party website then it can also be harmful for your phone and data.

Prcedure to download PikaShow App

  • Copy below url (in text form due to security reasons) and paste in any of your android phone browser.


  • Click on pink DOWNLOAD button.

How to Install PikaShow TV App?

If you are getting this app from any other website, then Android will not allow you to install this direct, for this you will have to resort to manual method and install Pikashow live app on the phone by setting itself.

Let me help you a little so that with the help of these tips, you can easily use this app by installing the phone.

  • After downloading the PikaShow App, go to File Manager and click on APK for it given in Download folder.
  • Now you click on Install.
  • To install, you have to give permission, for this go to the setting and enable unknown sources.
  • Now PikaShow TV App will be successfully installed on your phone and you can enjoy Live.

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Benefits of PikaShow App

As a user, if you download it, then it will be your benefit, here I would have told you about the biggest benefit that you are going to get from it.

  • You will get to see all the cricket, movies, shows for free, for which you are paying money now.
  • Since it is a complete entertainment mobile application, along with live cricket, popular web series and movies are also seen on it.
  • There is no subscription charge of any kind, you can download and use it for free.
  • You can use PikaShow VPN and if you want, you can access it from anywhere and watch it as people are doing for PUBG game right now.

Is PikaShow Safe?

If you are an Android user then you must have heard so much that cyber attacks keep happening every day and if you download any app from play store in phone. So the play store team looks after the security for them and there is very little chance that such a problem is with you. Read Also- How to download YouTube videos

But if you download an app from any third party website then play store is not responsible for it and if any app is not on play store. So there must have been some reason or the other that the Android team did not let it come to the play store, so if I give my personal opinion, then PikaShow TV App may not be safe for you.

Is it right to watch matches from PikaShow TV App?

We all also know that how much money is spent to do a big tournament like match and broadcasting companies spend billions of rupees to broadcast. Then they earns money through subscription, advertising. 

In such a situation, if the cricket match live gets leaked from anywhere, then the loss of the company starts and if seen, it is also illegal in a way. You can watch free matches on PikaShow TV App but this is not a right way.

Friends, hope you have got all the information related to PikaShow TV App in detail and you can watch online free by using such app. But this is not a right way and if you have downloaded your PikaShow TV App then you must share your thoughts about it in the comment. If you think that such apps are not right and it is not right to watch match free, then you can also share your thoughts about it in the comments.

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