How to create Instagram Reels and earn money

Hello friends, welcome to our website, today I am going to tell you that How to make Insta Reel. Friends, as soon as TikTok was closed in India, after that TikTokers became very disappointed. But Instagram, making TikTok users happy again, launched shorts video app like TikTok which we know today as Instagram Reels.

how to use reel in instagram
How to make Reels

Instagram Reels is a shorts video app just like TikTok, its features are also like TikTok, you can create and share 15 and 30 second videos here, so Instagram Reels video is being compared to TikTok. Do you know that you can also earn money from Instagram but let's know how. After that you will know that How to create attractive Reels on Instagram. Read Also- How to disconnect Instagram account from Facebook

How To Make Money With Instagram Reels Videos

Friends, do you know that you can also earn money by making Instagram Reels videos, but the question must be coming in your mind, how so let us tell you in detail.

Friends, maybe you will not know that you can earn a lot of money from Instagram. To earn money from Instagram, you have to increase your followers on Instagram, if you have 50 and 60 thousand followers then you can earn a lot of money by sponsoring sposer means It happens that anyone will come to you and ask to bring their product to your followers, then you can take their product to your followers by making a video or putting a story. Read Also- Full article on How to earn money from Instagram

This will benefit them and you can take a lot of money from them for this, the simple thing is that you have to advertise like you go on TV, but this will happen only if you have good followers on Instagram, now you must be wondering How to increase followers on Instagram, so let's also tell about it below.

How to increase followers on Instagram

Friends, when it comes to increasing followers on Instagram, I think you can increase a lot of followers by making Instagram Reels videos, if you make Instagram Reels videos and people like you or like your video, then they must like the video and follow you.

There will be 2 benefits from this, first that your face will become famous and you will become famous, second, your followers will increase and you can earn a lot of money by sponsoring, although there are many other ways to increase followers on Instagram but which I like best. I have told you.

Friends, now the question must be coming in your mind that how to make an attractive video on Instagram so that people like your video and your followers increase, so let us know in detail below.

How to Create Attractive Reels Videos on Instagram

Step 1:-

First of all you have to open Instagram and go to the section with Reels video, now you will see the camera icon on the top, you have to click on it.

Step 2:-

Now a new page will open in front of you, now here are some features of Instagram that you can use to make attractive Reels videos, let me tell you about these features.

1. On the first number, you will get the option, this option means that how many seconds of video you want to make, if you want to make a 15-second video, then set it to 15 seconds, if you want to make 30 seconds, then set it to 30 seconds. And you cannot make a video of more than 30 seconds.

2. You will get the option of Music here where there is a list of many songs, you can make a good and attractive video using any of them.

3. On the third number, you will get the option to reduce and speed up your video speed, using this you can speed up and slow down your video, this is also a very good feature.

4. On the fourth number, you will get the option to effect, you can put many effects in your video from here.

5. You will also get the option of timer here, you can use it, if you use this, then before recording the video, a timer of 3-2-1 takes place so that you can take your position, you can also use it can.

Step 3: -

Now you have to click on the white color icon at the bottom, then your video will start recording, after recording the video, you have to click on the forward option.

Step 4: -

As soon as you click on the forward option, it will process for some time and a new page will open, you can write something on your Reels video here. You can download the video, in this way you will get many features here, if you want, you can also apply emoji here.

Step 5:-

Now you have to click on the Forward option once again, after that a new page will open in front of you, you have to use your video's title and some hashtag here, Be on the topic too, you have to use the same type of Hashtags, by using Hashtags, your video reaches more people.

Step 6: -

After that click on the share option below, your video will be uploaded after some time.

Friends, it is not necessary that you have to record video on Instagram Reels video only, if you want, you can also record video from your camera and after editing well, go to the section of Instagram Reels video and upload your created Reels video here. You can use many apps to edit your video and make your video very attractive. Read Also- How to delete Instagram account permanently

I would advise you to first record your video with your camera then edit it then upload it to Reels video because on Reels video you can't edit your video well but with many apps you can edit your video. Reels can make videos attractive.

What did you learn today

Friends, I hope you have learn How to make Reels on Instagram, I have also told you to use the feature of Instagram in detail and when you use them, you will get to learn information about them in detail automatically.

Friends, you have to make Instagram Reels videos, be famous and earn a lot of money, we just want to help you that's why we have written this article, if you have found something wrong in this article then you can tell us by commenting.

Today, that's all we get with new information in the new article till then bye bye.

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