India's first self-use rapid antigen test kit CoviSelf will test Covid in 2 minutes at home

Pune-based diagnostics firm MyLab Discovery Solutions on Thursday announced that India's first self-use rapid antigen test kit 'CoviSelf' will go on sale within the next 2-3 days. This kit is going to be available on Flipkart, that means you will be able to buy it very easily by going to Flipkart. This will be the country's first Covid-19 home-test kit by MyLab Discovery Solutions priced at Rs.250. The company also gave India its first RT-PCR test kit last year, which is now commonly used for COVID-19 tests.

Let us tell you that it is going to take only 2 minutes to test with this test kit, although it will take 15 minutes for the result to come, that is, you will get the report of your test sitting at your home within 15 minutes only. You will no longer need to go out of the house in this situation i.e. putting yourself at risk in the increasing figures of the epidemic.

The kit is now going to be available online, let us know how to use it
First self use covid test kit in India

Director Sujit Jain told after ICMR's approval, "This test is for self use. If you get a positive result through this then you don't need any RT-PCR test as per ICMR. Any adult One can use this kit by reading our manual.

They have also said that this kit is going to be available by the end of next week in over 7 lakh pharmacies across India and through our online pharmacy partners. We aim to reach 90% pin codes in India.

Some important things about the CoviSelf kit

  • Self-use testing can be used by symptomatic persons and immediate contacts of confirmed cases as per ICMR guidelines. Users of this test will not require sample collection by a health care professional.
  • Each kit will be provided with all test materials, instructions to use (IFU) letters, and a biohazard bag for safely disposing of the kit after testing.
  • The test is designed to be performed using a nasal swab (not a deep nasopharyngeal swab) to reduce discomfort.
  • The test is combined with MyLab's mobile app where users can scan the QR code provided on the kit and feed the test results with it to get their test reports.
  • The test results for traceability can be submitted directly to ICMR through the app.
  • Those who have tested positive need to self-isolate immediately so that they do not infect others. Although people who have tested negative but are experiencing symptoms like COVID, they are advised to contact their healthcare provider.

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