Apple introduced iOS 15, will support these devices

Apple has finally launched the iOS 15 operating system after a long wait. This operating system was introduced at Apple's biggest software event of the year, WWDC 2021. Now iOS 15 will be available for public beta testing in July. At the same time, its final version will come in the iPhone 13 model by September or October. After the arrival of the new operating system iOS 15, the iPhone will not be the same but will work differently. Safety and security have also been increased significantly as compared to earlier. In today's time, such new features will be introduced in the privacy iOS 15 for the people, which are going to be liked by the users. Here we are telling you how the changes are going to happen with the arrival of iOS 15.

Apple introduced iOS 15, will support these devices
Apple iOS 15 launched

The new iOS 15 will run on these devices

First of all, the question will come in the mind of the users that in which device the new iOS 15 operating system will work. Let us tell you that the iOS 15 will work on the iPhone 6s and later models, including the iPhone SE first generation. Apart from this, iOS 15 will also work in 7th generation iPod Touch.

Many updates will be available in FaceTime

Apple users know how useful the FaceTime feature is for them. This time FaceTime will get major updates such as Spatial Audio and Call Scheduling feature. Apart from this, FaceTime will also be accessible on the browser of Google Android and Microsoft Windows devices. The Spatial Audio feature in FaceTime is designed to make the app more natural, easy and powerful. Apart from this, a new Share Play feature is also coming in FaceTime.

Made some minor changes in iMessage

Apple has made some minor changes to iMessage. In today's time the competition in the messaging app segment is increasing, in view of which this step has been taken. Now you can just swipe through photos from preview without going full screen. Apart from this, you can give quick reactions on photos and view them in a grid. Apart from this, users can also pin the message thread. Content will be shared through the Shared With You feature in iMessage. It is currently available in the Apple News, Music, Photos, Safari, Podcasts and Apple TV apps.

iOS 15 will bring innovation to notifications

The new operating system iOS 15 will now bring a lot of changes in notifications as well. Apple is tweaking the notification appearance, which includes larger app icons, for better visibility. These can be viewed together or separately due to changes in the notification system. Systemwide DND mode will show the remote status letting the iMessage sender know that the receiver will not receive the notification immediately. And it can be changed in case of emergency. At the same time, through the focus profile, users will be able to decide which app's notifications they want to see or not.

Live Text feature will make work easier

Apple is now preparing to take on Google Lens for a new feature called Live Text. This feature will use AI to recognize text in photos through Apple's Camera app. Live Text will let users convert photos of recipes or instructions into digitizing text without having to type it. It will be able to recognize more than 7 languages. Let us tell you that Google and Samsung already have this.

Now Siri will identify location and stuff

With the new iOS 15 operating system, Siri Info will help identify places and identify items in the gallery. Apple Maps will help with AR positioning and directions along with more informative maps in specific cities. Apart from this, it will support 3D layered path for walking navigation. Transit Navigation will work with Apple Watch to show users the next steps of their journey.

These cool features will be found in the Weather app

Now the Weather app is getting many new features along with data and layout. It varies with the variant in the graphics and on condition basis. Simply put, it helps users interpret wind, UV and barometric pressure data. Apart from this, temperature, rainfall and air quality will also be visible on the high resolution weather map.

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