How many types of SIM cards are there in the world and on what technology do they work?

Do you know how the SIM you use in your regular day to day existence works and what are the various kinds of them? Do you understand what innovation is included behind the SIM which is utilized to converse with individuals or run the net? If not, today we will reveal to you the number of sorts of SIM cards are there on the planet and on which innovation they work. The SIM card is so significant on the grounds that it stores your telephone number and other valuable data with itself. So we should know exhaustively about these little SIM cards.  Read Also- How To Find Remaining Data Balance In Mobile Number?

How does sim card function?

Most importantly let us know how SIM card functions. As we as a whole realize that when we put a SIM in a telephone, after some seconds/minutes the signal comes in the telephone. This is the thing that is called network. Networks show up after at some point in the wake of embeddings the SIM. At the point when we put a SIM in the telephone, that SIM associates with the closest pinnacle of that network. This GSM network is associated by conveying a message to the translator of phone. At the point when it is connected, users can call. Then, at that point at whatever point we call from any SIM, they distinguish the mobile phone from any close by GSM network made by their organization and the call is made. 

Types of sim cards in India
Types of sim cards

The serial number and distinguished codes are now present inside the SIM card. The information of all our contact records and all instant messages is available inside the SIM card. Read Also- How to use Google Maps without internet

How many types of SIM cards are there:

There are 5 types of SIM cards.

Full SIM

It was the basic SIM card, which is no longer used. The size of this SIM was 86X54mm. This sim was invented in 1990.  It is made of plastic.

Mini SIM

It started being used after Full SIM. The size of this SIM was 25X15mm. However. This sim was invented in 1996. the use of this SIM has become non-existent now. Read Also- How to get free internet

Micro sim

It started being used after Mini Sim. The size of this sim was less than the Mini Sim which was 15X12mm. This sim was invented in 2003. This sim was used for many years.

Nano Sim

Nano Sim was made in 2012. The size of this SIM (12.3x8.8mm) is smaller than that of the Micro SIM card. Almost all Android and iOS support Nano SIM. The use of this SIM increased the most in India when 4G network was launched in India. However, we are still using the same SIM. Read Also- How to recharge your sim with the help of Google


This SIM was announced in 2016. However, there is no SIM size as it is an electronic SIM. Sim is not used so much at the moment.

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