Truth About WhatsApp Privacy Viral Message

All kinds of false and true messages are viral on social media everyday. Many times the wrong messages about the same on the same platform start going viral. This time something similar has happened with WhatsApp. A message about WhatsApp is being viral on WhatsApp itself. In this message that is going viral on WhatsApp, it is being claimed that Red Tick will also be seen in WhatsApp, which means that the government is in control of your message and it is reading your message. Let's know about the truth of this message.

WhatsApp Privacy: red tick will be seen in whatsapp, government will read message, know the truth of viral message
Truth About WhatsApp Privacy Viral Message

Claims being made in viral messages

"The new communication rules for WhatsApp and phone calls will come into effect from tomorrow: -

01. All calls will be recorded.

02. All call recordings will be saved.

03. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and all social media will be monitored.

04. Tell those who do not know.

05. Your equipment will be connected to the ministry system.

06. Be careful not to send the wrong message to anyone.

07. Tell your children, brothers, relatives, friends, acquaintances that you should take care of them and rarely run social sites.

08. Do not send any of your posts or videos… to the government or the Prime Minister on politics or the current situation.

09. Presently writing or sending a message on any political or religious issue is an offense… Doing so can lead to arrest without warrant.

10. Police will issue notifications… then cybercrime… then action will be taken, it is very serious.

1 1. Please all of you, members of the group, administrators,… please consider this topic.

12. Be careful not to send the wrong message and tell everyone and take care of the subject.

13. Please share it.

Groups should be more aware and cautious

Group Members Important Information About WhatsApp…

Information of Viral on WhatsApp

* 1. ✔ = Message sent *

* 2. ✔✔ = Message reached *

* 3. Two blue ✔✔ = Message read *

* 4. Three blue ✔✔✔ = * Government took notice on the message

* 5. Two blue and one red ✔✔ = Government can take action against you *

* 6. One blue and two red ✔✔ = Government is checking your information *

* 7. Three red ✔✔✔ = Government has started action against you and you will get court summons soon. *

Become a responsible citizen and share it with your friends.

The important thing is to send it to the next group soon… ”

What is the truth of this viral message

All claims being made in this message are fake. WhatsApp has not announced any such update yet. You already know that one tick after message is sent, two ticks after delivery and two blues after read. Apart from this, all the claims being made in the message are rumored. Let me tell you clearly that you will continue to see gray and blue ticks as before. If you have also received this kind of message, delete it and do not spread the rumor by forwarding it to anyone.

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