Transfer WhatsApp chat history from android to iphone

WhatsApp has been in the headlines for a long time regarding its privacy policy. At the same time, according to a report, WhatsApp is working on a way that users can transfer their chat history while migrating to a new phone. After the arrival of this new update of WhatsApp, the chat history of the first direct Android can be transferred to the iPhone. The new update is currently in beta testing. The new update will benefit those who want to switch from iPhone to Android and from Android to iPhone. Let's know everything about this report further.

WhatsApp bringing amazing feature, will transfer chat history from Android to iPhone
Transfer WhatsApp chat history from android to iphone

WhatsApp is testing an updated chat history migration tool as reported by WhatsApp beta-tracking site WABetaInfo, which will allow users to transfer their chat history not only to a new device on a different platform, but also when The new device will have a different phone number. For example if you are changing your phone number along with switching from an existing Android phone to a new iPhone, you will be able to transfer your existing WhatsApp chat history to a new device.

Apart from this, WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot of the new update. It can be seen in the screenshot that if you are going from Android to iOS for the first time or if you are going from iOS to Android then only the data transfer will take place. Data transfer will not occur if the device is changed repeatedly. WhatsApp has not provided any information about the release date of the new update.

What is new privacy policy of whatsapp

WhatsApp introduced a new privacy policy earlier this year. According to this, WhatsApp will share its users' mobile device information, address, transaction information along with other data with its parent company Facebook and its partners. WhatsApp says that it will use this data of users to expand their WhatsApp Business. With this, WhatsApp has already made it clear that users will not read messages under the new privacy policy.

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