People who do not operate smartphones and computers can register for vaccine like this

The war on the corona virus is not yet over, and many are coming forward to get the corona vaccine out to beat the corona. But there are still many people who do not run smartphones or computers, so how can they register themselves. The answer to this question is also given on the website.

Those who do not use smartphones and laptops, including the elderly, can easily register at home.
People who do not operate smartphones should register for vaccine in this way

In the Corona era, the greatest danger is to the elderly, but there are many elderly people in India, who do not know how to operate smartphones and computers nor keep phones with them. Such elders can login with the youth present in their home and include their name in their profile. 

Let us know how to register for vaccination without smartphone or computer

By visiting portal, one can register with the help of a mobile number, which can include a maximum of four people. This information is given on the number 6 in the registration section inside the FAQ section given on It has been told on the website that people who are unable to run smartphones, computers or laptops, with the help of their friends or family, can get their name registered for the corona vaccine.

Where can I register for COVID-19 vaccine

To register for the Covid-19 vaccine, all you need to do is go to the portal created by the government. To register here, you have to click on Register / Sign In yourself in the yellow bar at the top left. Click here to know the complete process of registration.

Can I register for COVID-19 vaccination without Aadhaar card?

Registration is required to apply covid-19 vaccine, which requires an ID proof, but you can register even if you do not have an Aadhaar card. You can use about 7 types of ID proofs for the registration of a vaccine.

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