5 reasons to not buy a 5g phone in India

There is a lot of craze in India about 5G smartphones. Everyone is currently trying to buy a new 5G smartphone. But this deal can prove to be a loss for you. Smartphone maker companies are launching more than one smartphone in the year 2021. It also includes low-cost 5G smartphones, which are being specifically introduced keeping in mind the needs of Indian customers. But customers should avoid buying cheap 5G smartphones. Let's know what are those 5 reasons, due to which Indians should not buy 5G smartphone.

Let's know what are those 5 reasons, due to which Indians should not buy 5G smartphone
Reasons not to buy 5g phone

Reasons not to buy 5G phone in India

No 5G spectrum allocation

5G service has been announced by reliance Jio and Airtel. But its rollout may be delayed as 5G spectrum has not been allocated yet. In such a situation, it is expected that the 5G service can be launched in India by mid-2021. Currently, 5G network does not exist in India. The 5G network supports two frequency bands. One is a sub-6 GHz and the other is a high frequency millimeter wave, which requires 100Ghz and above. Which is to be auctioned. In this way, if you buy a 5G smartphone, then you will still have to operate from the 4G network.

5G rollout will take time

A lot of work has been done in the last 2 years to develop the infrastructure of 5G networks. But the rollout of 5G will still take a long time. As 4G was initially launched in a select region. In such a situation, 5G can also be launched for some selected cities. In such a situation, it would be better for the users to wait a little before purchasing the 5G smartphone. Also, it may take several years for the 5G to reach the villages and small towns.

Budget smartphone users will not be able to buy expensive 5G plan

If you are a budget smartphone user, and you are thinking of buying a cheaper 5G smartphone, then you should be careful. Because 5G plans will be very expensive in the beginning. In such a situation, a 5G recharge plan can be very expensive for budget smartphone users.

Compromises on specifications in cheap 5G

Smartphone maker companies make a lot of compromises in terms of features and specifications in cheap 5G phones. In this, users are given strong processor, low quality camera sensor, small battery. In such a situation, buying a 4G smartphone is better than buying a 4G smartphone. Because the bad specifications of 5G smartphones will become useless in the next 2 years.

5G technology will be updated

It will take time for the 5G network to arrive. In such a situation, if you are going to buy a new 5G smartphone right now, by the time the 5G network is launched in India, the 5G technology will be outdated. In such a situation, your money will go waste.

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