PUBG will return to India with new name, company releases new poster

Battle Royal Games PUBG Mobile may return to India with the changed name from South Korean Krafton Inc. PUBG Mobile can be launched in India under the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Actually, a new poster of PUBG Mobile has been released by the company. This new poster has been released on Facebook and Youtube channel, where the new name of the game can be seen. In such a situation, the game can be relaunched in India soon with a new name. Earlier it was said that PUBG Mobile can be launched in India under the new name PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile India Launch Latest Update: Big News For PUBG Fans, Battlegrounds Mobile India Can Be Launched
Pubg mobile India launch date in india news

Company posted new job

According to a report, there has been no response from Krafton Inc on the question of launching PUBG Mobile under the new name. However, the company has been trying to launch PUBG Mobile in India for a long time. Krafton has posted several jobs on LinkedIn in the last few months. Of this, a recent job is of Post Government Relationship Manager.

PUBG Mobile was banned last year

Let us know that PUBG Mobile was included in the 200 Chinese app banned in India, which was banned after the Galvan Gati clash by the Indian government last year. The Chinese Tencent Games license was taken away by Krafton after this. Even after this, the government has not received approval to return the game again. On behalf of Krafton, it has been said that more than 100 employees will be appointed on its behalf for business, e-sport, game development. Under this, an amount of about 100 million dollars will be invested in India.

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