Fact-Check: 5G testing responsible for second wave of corona virus in India?

A graphic demanding a ban on '5G testing' in India is responsible for the second wave of Corona virus is viral on WhatsApp.

In this article, we will explain you the truth of all these claims- Is 5G radiation responsible for the second wave of corona virus, Is birds killed due to 4G radiation
Fact-Check: 5G testing responsible for second wave of corona virus in India?

According to the graphic, "This pandemic has come for the second time, which is giving the name of corona. The radication that comes out of the 5G tower is making the air poisonous in the air, so people Is having trouble breathing. And people are dying. That is why demand to stop the testing of 5g tower, then see if everything will be right. "

This graphic further states that the radiation emanating from the 5G tower is having a bad effect on humans in the same way as the 4G radiation had a bad effect on birds and killed them.


In this article, we will turn to you the truth of all these claims in turn.

1. 5G Testing in India

2. Is 5G radiation responsible for the second wave of corona virus?

3. Is bird and fowl killed due to 4G radiation?

5G testing in India

Infographic has claimed that the second wave of corona virus has occurred in India due to the rapid radiation generated due to the 5G testing in India. But 5G testing in India is still in its initial stage. According to The Economic Times report of March 2021, Bharti Airtel is one of the few telecommunications companies to introduce 5G network technology in the country with the help of its research and OpenRAN technology from local and American and Japanese companies. Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, 5G trials of state-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited have not been approved till March 2021.

In addition, South Korea and Hong Kong, the countries that fully use the 5G network, have fewer cases of corona virus than India. According to WorldMeters, a record keeping website of corona virus cases, the corona cases in these countries are 511 and 8 respectively. Thus, there is no evidence of any connection between the corona virus case and the 5G network.

5G radiation is not responsible for the second wave of corona virus

People are getting sick due to 5G network instead of Corona virus, this claim is being shared since March 2020. In February last year, The World Health Organization (WHO) gave an explanation of the damage caused by 5G, "To date, exposure to wireless technology after a lot of research has had no ill effects on health The matter has not come to light. Health studies are concluded from the study on the entire radio spectrum, in the same way some studies were done on the waves included in the 5G network. "

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the corona virus is spread from one person to another by keeping a short distance (ie 6 feet). According to the CDC, "the infection spreads through contact with the droplets of a person infected with the corona virus". Apart from this, this virus is also spread by air transmission at times. This virus can be spread by small droplets or particles in the air, which keeps circulating in the air for minutes to hours.

In addition, mobile phones send and receive radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Reuters reported that 5G uses beam-forming technology that allows radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to reach anywhere when needed.

Talking about the effect of radiofrequency, the WHO wrote, "Tissues are heated by the process occurring between the radiofrequency field and the human body. Human body temperature rises slightly when contacted with the level of recent radiofrequency technology. As the frequency increases, its penetration into the body tissue decreases and the penetration of energy into the outer part of the body (skin and eyes) begins to increase. If the total exposure is less than the international standards, then it is expected to have a detrimental effect on the health of the general public. ”

Speaking to Reuters, Professor Marvin C. Ziskin, Emeritus of Radiology and Medical Physics, said, "Scientific evidence suggests that 5G emissions do not increase continuously. This means that more exposure does not produce any kind of harmful effect. I want to say that there is no health agency warning about the potential danger of exposure level millimeter waves, including RF energy, which is always experienced in general communication technology. This is in line with the assessment of the standard setting problem of groups such as IEEE and ICNIRP. " He has emphasized that 5G cannot cause health damage if exposure limits are taken care of.

Birds did not die due to 4G radiation

In January 2021, Alt News found the claim of birds to be dead due to 5G trials to be false. According to a BBC report, "5G and other mobile phone technologies fall under the low frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are less powerful than visible light, as opposed to the harmful, high frequency of medical x-rays and sun rays and cannot cause any harm to cells ”.

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