How to increase internal storage in phone

There can be many reasons for low internal storage in mobile, installing many apps in your mobile, saving data in the internal storage storage of mobile when the phone's storage is low, not deleting cache files, this is all the reason. Due to which the storage gets full in the mobile and you get the notification of insufficient storage again and again, so let's know How to increase phone storage, How to increase internal storage of android phone, How to increase phone storage without sd card. Read Also- How to unlock any android phone

How to increase phone storage, How to increase internal storage of android phone, How to increase phone storage without sd card, How to increase internal storage in phone
How to increase phone storage without sd card

How to increase internal storage in mobile: How to fix low storage problem in phone

1. Attach phone with computer

To remove the storage problem of the phone, space can be created by attaching it to the computer and deleting the files, but sometimes you have to reduce the storage immediately. And it is not necessary that you have a computer available all the time. In such a situation, first of all, see which are the apps on your phone that are taking up the most space.

2. Delete unnecessary apps

It often happens that one can download many apps from Google Play Store, but do not use them. In such a situation, these apps reduce the storage of your phone and the phone starts shutting down again and again. In such a situation, it is important to delete the unnecessary apps present in your mobile phone today so that its load does not get too much on the mobile. This will also save the phone from hanging to a great extent.

3. Clear cache

If you have an Android smartphone, go to Settings and clear the cache. This will increase the storage of the phone. Delete the apps that are not useful. By doing this the storage of the phone will increase.

4. Delete old photos and messages

Many times our phones have very old messages and useless photos, which we are not able to delete. Remove them from your phone immediately. Read Also- How to recover all deleted photos

5. Clear Internal Storage

For this, transfer the photos, music and video files present in your internal storage to the SD card. First of all go to the Settings of the phone and go to the App. By doing this, there will be some free space in the inbuilt storage of the phone.

6. Delete the download file of Social Media

It often happens that the files coming on social media platforms (eg-Whatsapp, Facebook) get downloaded automatically, due to which there is a lot of impact on the phone's storage. In such a situation, it is important to keep deleting it from time to time so that the storage does not fill up quickly.

7. Clear email downloaded files

Many times we also download files related to email which are saved in the phone itself. These also take up a lot of space in the phone. So delete them too. Read Also- How to recall an email in Gmail

8. Use Link2SD App

8.1. Back up mobile data

Before increasing the internal storage in the mobile, first of all, take a backup of your mobile data, whether that data is in your memory card or in the internal storage, first backup it to another memory card or in your computer or laptop system. In the process, your SD card will be used as internal storage, so your memory card data may be deleted.

8.2. Route mobile

If you want to use your mobile's memory card as an internal storage, then it is very important to have mobile root because in this process you can get root permission to the app which is only after the mobile is rooted, so if your mobile is rooted. Do not root your mobile then only you can follow the further process

8.3 Install Link2SD App

If your Android mobile is rooted, then now you have to install an app in your mobile named Link2SD, you will find this app by searching in play store or if you want, click on download here and download this app directly from play store.

8.4 Open the app and allow root permissions

As soon as you install this app, then open it, as soon as you open the Link2SD app, it will ask you for root permission, then you have to allow it, after that you have to choose the file system of the SD card, then select this option in the first option ext2 and click on ok

8.5 Now select the multiple-select option

As soon as you choose the file system, after that you have to click on the top three dot line as shown in the image below, after that you have to click on the multiple-select option, after that you have to select the apps from which you move to your memory card. If you want to do that, again there will be a three dot in the right side, click on it again and now you have to click on the Move to SD card option and then click on OK, after that whatever apps you installed in the internal storage, all your memory Will go to the card, which will free up storage on your mobile

  • Click on the three dot line
  • click on multiple select
  • Select apps now
  • Again click on the three dot line which is above
  • Now select Move to SD card option
  • now click on ok
  • Note: Here you should not move the system apps or else there may be problem in the mobile if the SD card is removed.

8.6 Now click on settings and select auto link option

So as soon as you move your internal mobile apps to the SD card, after that now you have to click on the three dot again, after that you have to click on the settings and inside the settings you have to tick the auto link option which is in your mobile. Some apps will be installed, they will be installed directly in the memory card of your mobile, that is, your memory card will work as an internal storage, all the apps will be installed in it.

  • Click on 3 Dot again
  • click on settings
  • Select auto link option

So as soon as you select this option, after that whatever application you download on your mobile from play store or from outside, after that these apps will be automatically stored in the memory card of the mobile and not in the internal storage so that your internal storage will be free and there will not be any kind of low internal storage problem in your mobile

9. For iPhone users

If you are an iPhone user, then go to Settings and click on General and then click on Storage and iCloud Storage. Now go to Main Storage. Here the phone's storage and its division will be visible. From here you can see and remove those files which are not useful. Read Also- How to reset Apple ID Password

10. Use Cloud Storage

If you are troubled by the low storage of smartphones, then use cloud storage. Although many smartphones already have pre-installed apps like Google Drive and Dropbox. Create your ID on any of it and by uploading your photo, music and video files in it, you can free up the phone's storage. Explain that with the help of this you can download any of your files at any time and there will be no tension to delete the data.


If you think that you have removed all the useless things from the phone and still the storage is not able to increase much, then it is better to save the photos, videos and other useful things in the cloud storage. Take it. Cloud storage is a better option for archiving any data.

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