How to fasten the Google Chrome Browser by clearing chrome cache

People are working from home because of lockdown. At the same time, internet usage of people has also increased considerably. Often people are facing the problem of slow browser due to working from home. While staying in the office, you get the support of the tech team in this matter, but at home you do not have any direct solution. Today, we tell you about such tips and tricks that will help you in increasing the speed of the browser.

Most users use Google Chrome Cache files can also be a major reason for browser slowing down. By deleting these files, it improves the speed of the user's Internet. Let's know how cache files can be deleted from the browser. Read More- How to use Google Maps in phone without internet

People are working from home because of lockdown due to which people are facing the problem of slow browser.
How to get rid of cache chrome browser

Chrome cache clear

If using Chrome Browser on Windows and Mac PCs, deleting cache files is extremely easy.

- After opening the Chrome browser first, go to the Chrome menu. Here you will see three horizontal lines in the top corner on the right side of the address bar.

- After clicking on it, you will get the option of settings at the bottom. As soon as we click on it, a new tab will open. At the bottom of this, you will see the option of show advanced settings. When you click on it, you will see a lot of new options.

- Here you have to go to the privacy option. Here you will see the option of content settings at the top. As soon as you click on it, a new window will open. Now  you get an option here on how to delete the Cache of the Chrome browser. Read Also- Types of Internet

- Here you can see what you have come for and not for. After this, after going back again, you go to the content settings and in the privacy menu you will find a tab of 'Clear Browsing Data' on the right side of the content settings.

- Through this, you can delete the data stored by the browser and its extensions.

-Browsing history, download history, cookies, cache image and file etc. can be deleted from here.

- Here you get the option of how many hours, last day, last week, last four weeks or from the beginning, that is, according to your convenience, you can choose how long to delete browsing data. Let us tell you that websites install cookies in your browser.

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