Beware of links with free corona vaccine, hackers sending messages

Corona vaccination has started for the age group of 18 to 45 years in the country between the second wave of coronavirus. People over the age of 18 must first register for the vaccine on the government portal. With this, they will have to take a schedule and go to the Covid 19 Vaccination Center and get the vaccine. However, as registrations for coronavaxine are being registered in the country, some fake messages are also going viral. Read more- Top smartwatches to monitor oxygen level at home

This new malware asks users to tap the unauthorized link and download the CoVID-19 vaccination registration app, which is reportedly a fake app.
Fake covid 19 vaccination registration link

Claim free registration is being cited in these links. Along with this, the link of fake COVID-19 vaccination app is also being circulated in some links. In fact, these links and apps are loaded with malware that allows hackers to access your data. This malware was first spotted by the researchers Lukas Stefano and MalwareHunterTeam.

In the fake COVID019 vaccination app being shared for registration for the Corona vaccine, users are being asked for a variety of permits. There is not much information about this fake app being spread through SMS. It is possible that this app collects sensitive information from the device, in which you can send the contact number, photo from the image gallery to the third party. This is not the first time sending such malware links via SMS. Earlier, one such fake app was claimed to be given a subscription for free Netflix for three months. Read more- How to choose between Covaxine and Covishield 

Keep in mind that we always advise you not to click on such links. Even if one of your acquaintances has sent it. Currently, registration for the corona vaccine can be done only through the Cowin app or website and the Aarogya Setu app. Click here for information related to the vaccination process.

Fake Corona Vaccination Apps

SMS Worm

The name of this app is SMS Worm. This is new malware that spreads through the text message to the user's device and steals their contact details. It is obvious that by listening to the COVID-19 free vaccine registration app, users will download it, but we all need to be vigilant against such fake apps and cyber attacks.

Vaccination Register

Earlier this app was named Covid-19 but now its name has been changed to Vaccination Register. Researchers say that it targets both SIMs of your phone. Due to which you need to be careful.

How to prevent malware

- The best and easiest way to avoid malware is to not download any app through any unauthorized source or website.

- If you have received a link through SMS from where you can download an app, then you should ignore it.

- Talking for Android, only the app should be downloaded from the Google Play store here.

- There is another way, in whatever app you download, it is a must to see what permission the app is asking from you.

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